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Author Topic: Margul, Perfectionism, 13 October 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 275 times)

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Teacher: Margul
Subject: Perfectionism
Category: Revelation, New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
13 October 2016, 18:15 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for the privilege of receiving messages from You or Your Children that are intended to instruct those in the Teaching Mission and all on Urantia. Is there some subject you would like to have received at this time?

Margul:  “Yes, you can begin writing: In this time just before the public announcements of Jesus second coming, the subject I want to cover has to do with becoming perfect or flawless. Flawless diamonds upon examination in the microscope have not even a little speck of flotsam or cloudiness. Perfect copies are identical in the tinniest detail, like most paper money these days. If you can point out the smallest deviation in a stamped coin or a bill, it becomes highly valuable as a collector’s item. You as a perfect child of God will be through and through without any small quantity of any deviation in integrity from that of The Father. You will be highly unique in appearance and personality but perfect in; trustworthiness, following instructions, being loving, doing tasks, being loyal, being kind and merciful, having honesty, sincerity and always telling the truth. You will never be perfect in knowledge, as the changing flux of everything will leave you without the final answer or last detail in any field.

“Being perfect at this stage of the game, as a mortal on an evolutionary planet is almost a joke in practicality because of the size of the project. You have looked on the concept with a sigh of undo-ability. Oh you try, all the time, to approach some semblance of the state, but without fail upon close examination, the circumstance can be easily demonstrated to have been imperfect. It almost makes you want to swear off the attempt, and say what the heck, it’s impossible.  What a progressive person does though, is continue to strive for that unmarred creation even if never reached. All art is a passionate attempt for perfection. It’s why we appreciate art so much, we see that in that instance, they came very close. This scribe has a laid back approach to perfection that has gotten him in trouble numerous times. He feels that if something is pretty good, well, what's the big deal? As he is coming to understand; it is a big deal, in his case, because the level of perfection is often the credibility determiner for those observing some written document.

“The overall perfection and flawlessness of the 5th epical revelation called the Urantia Book, which transcends that of the Bible by a factor of ten, is one of the main reasons cited by those who come to respect and revere it. All the typo’s can be listed on one side of a sheet of paper: a very big accomplishment for a book with over a million words. Perfectionism is important as a way of life. Unless you happen to live with a judgmental perfectionist.  Almost nothing is as unhappy in the physical life as that particular circumstance.  It seems they enjoy pointing out the shortfalls, not realizing the disheartening nature of that characteristic.  Everyone as a matter of course sees the mistake’s and is striving to overcome them the next time, more or less. With almost everything being a comedy of errors, we now have the beautiful characteristic in a spouse or close friend, who across the board, overlooks all of it, what joy and pleasure it is to live with someone like that!

“They know in time, huge strides will be made on this score and they don’t have to waste effort and cause consternation in trying to speed up or rectify a forgone conclusion.  The assumption of your coming perfection is half the battle in any training effort, as trainers know; cybernetics or perfection seeking is the basic premise of the internal wiring. The exception to all this is the subject coming and asking for polishing, deliberately opening themselves to a fast track to perfection. This is what all professional sports participants do. This is what all ascenders eventually come to do. These are some thoughts on perfectionism to put life in perspective and to relax into. Perfection is the inexorable result of existence!

“With regards, this is Margul, I wish you all a good day”.


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