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Author Topic: Welmek, Being Offended, 12 October 2016 Daniel L V NV. US  (Read 284 times)

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Teacher: Welmek
Subject: Being Offended
Category: Malchizedek Teaching
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
12 October 2016, 16:53 Z

Transmitter:  Again I want to thank You Father, as each moment, each hour we can come with stillness in Your presence, with any requests or need to ask for your help in our lives. Thank you for the ever-present, trust worthy guides you have given each of us for our growth and understanding. Thank you for the Spirit of Christ in each to aid in a teacher using us as themselves to deliver some message. Is there a teaching you would have for us?

Yes there is Daniel, you can begin writing. This is Welmek; my dissertation today concerns the subject of faithful service over time. Continual effort in a task you have been given, continuing many years, or decades, sometimes with little encouragement other than the inner knowing that this is what you are expected to do and knowing in the end that all that effort will be either handsomely rewarded or at least the recognition by The Father will come and that in and of itself would be sufficient.  Just being alive with the knowledge you were truly doing a task, needed would be plenty of compensation.  Even if the work you did was enormously valuable and yet your own situation was fraught with only a tiny supply sufficient for very basic or even needy circumstances where you not only did the service but you had to fend for your daily bread, in addition to the heavy work load. Here is the time, which may last interminably, that your burden and trial is the supreme test of your early existence.

When you are going through a time like this, it truly will take every ounce of the resolve and conviction you can muster, and at the same time you are driven, by your need, into the presence of the Father and your local Creators as your strength isn’t sufficient. Now that you know of the indwelling Adjuster you can constantly go inward for the additional strength you lack. To quietly and confidently keep on keeping on, asking for the understanding and knowing you lack. Asking for the joyfulness that transcends endless gray sky's. Asking for the vision that sees beyond this day of trouble and stress. When we do this and it becomes a way of life for us, finally we come to a maturity that transcends anything in the future, we then and now have a dauntlessness, that to our Father, is of inestimable worth.

“When, as is common with Urantian humans, you begin to feel you have been bad done by, have been treated unfairly, have been disrespected and used, you can know that the circumstances that causes you to feel that way, are being carefully orchestrated to perfectly highlight this very condition. This condition, of feeling that you have been unjustly and unfairly dealt with, is no accident. When you are first coming to the initial dedication of your life and time to The Father, first and foremost and then to be subjected to the difficult trial of seeming unfair treatment, it would in most cases cause you to quit in discouragement, effectively eliminating your spiritual journey and decision to embrace The Fathers way.

“That is why, if you are suffering what appears to be these very trials, my important point is that you have been seen to be far enough along in your spiritual journey that it will not blow you out of contention for continuing. Take heart, this most important area of character development; [trusting The Father no matter what] is only allowed to come upon those able to weather the test.

“This is the circumstance of the story of Job in the old testament of the Bible. Although very difficult, you can and will weather this test of performance. Some being trained here in the Magisterial Sons Mission Forums are at this exact place.  Something was said or done in your relationship with the administration that has been, in your estimation, totally uncalled for, perhaps what appeared to be a slap in the face or a deliberate incorrect assessment you were publicly subjected to.

“This incident or several incidents, now has definitely stuck in your craw. Do not think this is an accident of time and chance. Your welfare and progressive development is utterly invaluable and uppermost in the life and times of the work The Father is doing. But will it do for any of we children to be easily or even after much provocation, offend able and touchy about anything we have to suffer in the Fathers over care and life of service? No it will not do and hence the circumstances that at this moment seem so unfair and unbearable for you. It is simply the training of all in the ascension path. You have been deemed mature enough to take it. Be encouraged.

“Thank you one and all as you ponder this teaching that may be the very area you are experiencing at the moment or that you certainly will as you progress upward. This is Welmek experiencing a most inspiring time in this teaching circumstance. With sincere regards to everyone. Domtia”……….


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