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Author Topic: Welmek, Seraphic Travel & Angelic Association, 11 Oct.2016, Daniel L V NV. US  (Read 295 times)

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Teacher: Welmek
Subject: Seraphic Travel & Angelic Association
Category: Brotherhood of Man and Citizenship in the Universe
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
11 October 2016, 19:00 Z

Transmitter: With appreciation for the relationship with You Father, where you are there always with guidance and encouragement, we come in worship and reverence. Thank You for Your spirit, the Spirit of Christ and all the other spiritual help that surrounds us. Is there a subject, or teaching or message you would have for all today?

Yes there is. This is Welmek, again with a clear call for learning about the subject of Seraphic transportation.  This means to be transported by ethereal means from one location to another and sometimes from one dimension to another.  This is something you can begin to understand because you will use this way of traveling much in the eons ahead. After you become spiritual of course, any travel is more on the lines of thought, but before that in your time of morontial experience, actual personages of a seraphic nature would transport you through a method of enveloping your body within their being for the trip of even hundreds of light years in distance. What actually happens is you’re being whisked, you might say, from place to place enveloped by a pure spiritual power using the power lines or grids of the universe that you are now in sync with using the knowledge and intelligence of your transporter.

“Sometimes you would be singly transported and sometimes in a group all at once. It does take some time, but compared to regular travel in a ship, it is usually much faster, even though many ships can approach the seraphic transport rate of travel. The seraphic transporters are Angelic beings, in your case created by Christ Michael and Mother Spirit Nebadonia. All, as you will find, are very positive beings with unique personality, cheerfully humorous if appropriate and utterly trustworthy in their duties. If you have the chance to get to know them you would hear incredible stories of adventure and experiences that would stretch your credibility about what is really out there, even in the local universe of Nebadon its self. These wonderful beings have in some few cases been honored with the opportunity to begin the ascension path of returning to The Father, eventually being finaliters, but most are content with the path of service they are in, very happy in what they do. In the Family of God there are few things set totally in concrete and many strange opportunities have opened up to the almost un-surmiseable verities of creatures who many times can break the mold and do something very different.

“There are so many classifications, types, specializations and levels of service in the Angelic realm, enough to boggle the mind of you beginning brothers and sisters. A person hardly knows where to begin explaining it all so some sense is made of the whys and wherefores of each type and their purposes.  Rest content that you will eventually understand almost all of these mysteries. My purpose today is to give a view of another area of our existence that is a fact of life and that as far as I know has not been addressed in this manner. More that you may be interested in, is about the actual life of the Seraphic Angels. They life in domiciles to fit their likes and tastes, that are of a spiritual or morontial nature. All have space they can call their own that they furnish and decorate. All have interests and areas of study they are involved in. they have free time regularly for recreation and social fellowship.  They are used in thousands of ways so there is no end to the variety and flavor of their occupations.

“All love and adore their local Universe Creators; Mother Spirit Nebadonia and Father Christ Michael.  All worship The Father in devoted personal time for communion. All have the same free choice of mortals; however the divide between them and the Divine is seamless and effortless.  Knowing and responding to any requests or assignments in an automatic way of communication similar to the relationships you mortals are developing with your adjuster.

“Some more concerning the Seraphic hosts and their life: Umpteen billions have assignments with mortals when you reach the level of your requiring the over care and protection and helpful watching as you live your lives and thus they have much experience vicariously in all the ways of existence. They follow you on your ascension careers and eventually you become closely acquainted and have the most satisfying and deep friendships that can be imagined. It truly is a relationship of shared adventure from here on, all being full members in the Family of God, respected and included in all that transpires. They are part of your immediate family, aiding immensely in the effectiveness of your life in the place of your duties and all your relationships are served and enhanced because they are there. You exist in a network of interconnectedness that because of your Seraphic help and association that is attached to you, is made much more affectionately effective. For now, this is a taste of additional Universe information that I know will be interesting and helpful on your journey.

“Place this in the category of ‘Brotherhood of man and Citizenship in the Universe’.  Thank you Daniel for transcribing this. This is Welmek with much joy in speaking to you all as a Reserve Creator Son and so very happy to be here in this corrective time. Domtia”……………


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