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Author Topic: Marloc, Continue To Be Ready, 8 October 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 282 times)

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Teacher: Marloc
Subject: Continue to Be Ready
Category: Jesus Return, Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
8 October 2016, 17:33 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father, that the corrective time has begun, that all is in place for the second coming of Jesus with Christ Michael and that you have given all of us being trained in the Magisterial Son’s Mission this opportunity to work along with Your Leaders as Urantia is refurbished. Thank You for the Spirit of Christ as the aid for this communication. Is there a message for all today?

Marloc: "We are very close to the public announcements on the Media apparatus all over the world. You can be in a confident stance of waiting with your main activity being supporting supplications of all kinds, engaging your minds in any way you can as you are inspired. For sure also, spend time in study, asking for the guidance to cover those areas best for you. The teaching that I want to cover at this time is the topic of being ready in your personal lives for the service ahead. For the immediate future this will look, you might say, in some disarray. There is hardly one area of our fledgling service outreach that won’t be an; ‘improvise as you go’ enterprise. Kindness with empathy, patience in the face of challenges that take time to resolve, improvisation when no direction is forthcoming, as you see things to do, but at the same time knowing when you ask for guidance of The Father through your adjuster, you can expect it to come.

“It was mentioned that hopefully by the end of December the first few full time workers would be about their work in York. The places to work are in the process of being found and planed for.  The symposium [or public meeting] to be held in York or nearby, In January or February, is intended for you as well as any Urantia Book readers who now, being informed about Magisterial Mission, they may not have known about, will be invited to come, giving them the opportunity to have a part of the work in some way, offering them the chance to pledge their service. You all here on the Serara, Monjoronson Forums are invited to this most happy occasion. Until then if you have not been given some indication of your services being needed immediately, then simply keep on growing where you are, yet you can be sure that before an enormous amount of time goes by, if you feel that dedication, you will have a place in the administration either at your local area or at York Pennsylvania. Your being here is fully providential; you can know that for certain.

“If you are a new member of the Serara and Teaching Mission forums, and you are highly enthusiastic to be of some use, relax, knowing of eventual usefulness and at the same time use these coming months to become even more expert with the Urantia book knowledge and devour the Teaching Mission Archives which are essentially advance knowledge similar to the new addition of the seven volume Urantia book soon to be in your hands. The many hundreds of pages in the Serara Forum and Teaching Mission List websites also have categories of postings that contain knowledge recently given, on highly contemporary subjects supporting the Magisterial Mission. These are important for you to at least know about and be able to find as you come to understand ever more perfectly all we must know as teachers.

“The other thing this will do for you is to have you begin to know many of the Celestial Teachers; you are privileged to work with from here on out, who are the authors of the received lessons. [There are over 100 different teachers and administration leaders who have spoken to us through Ron Besser or the T/R messages in the last two years alone]. The many T/R persons [which you are in line to become] with other forum members, are important to get to know as well. These will soon be your day to day coworkers. If you feel overwhelmed with all you have to accomplish, it is the exact training you need to help you expand in capacity as you strive to handle this new adventure.

“This is Marloc in close association with Christ Michael and Jesus, giving you the most of what we know at least somewhat confidently, however be ready for new decisions about more effective timing or changes in plans which you can understand; will often be necessary. Thank you for the attention and serious consideration you have given us with this message today. Yours in service and brotherly affection, Good Day!”


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