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Author Topic: Meloloc,How To Know This is of God, 7 Oct. 2016, Daniel L V NV. US  (Read 258 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: How to Know This is of God
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
7 October 2016, 17:44 Z

Transmitter: Thank you our Father for this time of bringing Urantia to a place of secure mortal progression. With praise and thanksgiving we trust in all you are doing and are confident of the steady transformation to a world of light and life. Is there some teaching or lesson for all that are being trained here on the Serara, Monjoronson Mission Forums?

Meloloc: “This Daniel is some encouragement for all to consider. As an ascending mortal from a local evolutionary planet, a veteran of another adventure with Serara in a Magisterial Son’s Mission previous to this and now a Guide and Teacher, I have some ruminations I know will reassure and give a perspective to help at this time. Now the happy and very hopeful developments with the second coming of Christ, give us great cause to go forward each day with a light heart. We know all is in the hands of our most capable Celestial Leaders and Creators. We can rest in expectation of fair loving and kind treatment.

“When we are ready and can handle it, the correction and helpful adjustments in our understanding and lifestyle is always fitting to the expansion we need, so we are progressively more useful. It means that all fear is banished to the past since the wisdom used in our training, is far above any possibility of misapplication. Without exception, the personalities of everyone in the family from The Father down to the lowliest Celestial Being can be relied on for our safe passage through whatever we may be experiencing in relating to them.

“If there is some circumstance that is extremely difficult and challenging we accept we can trust in the successful outcome even if large amounts of time are required for the development to take place. Because of this, our outlook is unfailingly positive, with confident knowing of our being cherished as valuable and respected members in a fraternity of kind associates, who are always wanting our best interest to be served. Our biggest worry and concern of the mortal life, which is the supply and sustenance for our maintenance, is now never given a second thought, because The Father consistently provides for the creatures of His Universe. We know when we do our part by using the intelligence and effort we are capable of, there is a synchronicity that without fail takes care of all circumstances.

“The biggest and most common hurtle we will encounter is what looks like, and seems like, unjust and unfair circumstances in our journey. Our first inclination is to repair and perhaps escape the situation on our own, using our wisdom and experiences as the determining factor, losing sight of the unfailing over care of The Father. Even should we perish in some happening that appears like time and chance, we know the essence of who we are is preserved for existing in another time and place to continue our ascension back to Him. There, in full maturity, we eventually will be used in a way to satisfy the most personal and unique desires of our heart, as that is His joy, to see our pleasure and dreams fulfilled.

“Now in this moment, your needs, perhaps your awareness of incompleteness, your perception of a lack of ability, your knowing of this or that shortfall or handicap, is placed in your lap for your exercise. The biggest challenge, far and above the actual issues, is self-acceptance and patient confidence, that in spite of all hurtles you see on the horizon or right on your doorstep, everything is perfect and being supported infallibly, just the way it is. If your huge snowball presently is doubt, the holding on, reserving judgement and not allowing anything to be a deal breaker, is what you need to do. The thing that gives you the resolve to do that is your proving this is all of The Father.

“This knowing; [your being brought to this location is from paradise] only comes about with a surrender to whatever, concerning The Father. That opens you to receiving that faith. It is a supernatural happening, a gift, triggered by the capitulation. You will know and know that you know this is all on the level. When you are there, no challenge is even a small problem. These thoughts and principles I am reviewing can revive us as we most appreciatively work day to day with The Serara Mission and our local hero Creators, most revered Father Christ Michael and beloved Mother and Creative spirit Of Nebadon, Nebadonia! This is Meloloc, feeling immeasurably grateful as we work together.  With Love. Domtia”…….


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