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Author Topic: Machiventa, Meloloc, Comunicate using the Spirit of Christ, 6 oct 16, Daniel LVN  (Read 280 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Machiventa, Meloloc
Subject: Communicate with the Spirit of Christ
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
6- October 2016, 18:30 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for the opportunity for hearing and transcribing those you would like to speak, using the Spirit of Christ.  Thank You also for the training we are receiving here in the Corrective time missions and forums. Is there a lesson You would have for all today?

Meloloc: ‘Yes Daniel there is. What we would like you to say is that, in any time of upcoming trauma, no fear or trepidation need cloud the joy you can feel as part of these Missions. All can be falling apart around you and your realization and firm stasis can be set in concrete. This takes some doing at first because the seeing with your eyes will be distressing and upsetting. Remember ,The Fathers over care is taking care of everything. Your part is the beacon of positive confidence to those around you. Without much evidence of a good outcome, you know the underlying purpose and end result will be starting on a new footing that is now solid and clear.

Machiventa: “My message today is one of being full of the Spirit of Christ. You can have this fullness from your coming and asking. In the time just ahead, it will be normal and natural to have this connection through the spirit of Christ and the Celestial workers needing to convey some communication directly to a person or group. It will appear to be the T/R person speaking but in actual fact the Teacher or Corrective Time leader will as themselves be speaking. It will be fluent and instantly responsive to questions or changing dynamics as your eyes and ears are one and the same with the Teacher. Remember, you’re knowing and believing is the key to this working. This comes from being in prayer and communion as each hour unfolds. Relax into the role, confident and unafraid. Without outward evidence other than the voice beginning, you can be sure of it working.

Whatever experience you have as a receiver, have the courage to think this is possible for you. Ask for opportunities to practice this usefulness even now in the conversations you will have in the days ahead. Instantly the teacher will be there, as you, in you. You may not know Our name but the fruit of what is said will be obviously Celestial in origin. For some of you this will be your first T/R experience even before you have received messages in the conventional way. Be open to this, as that willingness and believing is the first step. Be full of appreciation to be able to do this; begin to function, now with this message! In advance of the actual circumstance, be heartily thankful and positive of your being able to do this.

“Look for it to work, expect it to work. As we have told you several times before, in the Forum messages, you already are Magisterial Mission workers. You have given the pledge, you are praying and participating and if true, have for some time now, looked on all your interactions here as actual work. Now, I am holding out to you the real task you can do for our working together. I mean by that the use of yourselves, as the vehicle for our speaking through the Spirit of Christ given to you. We will use you to speak to those we want to have understand something or to communicate something about what they should do to start to take some action to further the mission work, or communicate something you may not understand but that will support their path.

“We are doing the same thing through all of their adjusters, but now a more direct and effective way of using your boots on the ground in many instances, will be timelier and unmistakably clear to them. We always have done this as you even may have experienced, but now your cognizant expectancy is the mind set I am wanting to communicate. As you go about your work and duties, ask; “Is there something you would like to say to this one or this small or large group”?

Thank you everyone for taking this lesson to heart and look on it as a vital part of your life from here on. This is Machiventa Melchizedek! Good Day!


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