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Author Topic: Setting T/R Goals  (Read 286 times)

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Setting T/R Goals
« on: October 05, 2016, 09:51 »

Mother Spirit – Set Your T/R Goal -  Follow Your Plan –   Create Your Success – Larry Gossett – Florida
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Subject: The Importance of Setting your T/R Goal
Category: Listening and/or Transmitting
Teacher: Mother Spirit
Winter Park, Florida – 5 October 2016 – 13:50 GMT
Mother Spirit:
“You come this morning with good intentions to receive My lesson about the importance of goal setting to become an accomplished T/R with the upcoming New Teaching Missions to be known as The Michael Network that will soon be established as the Missions are made clearer to all on this world.   
For all of you who have this desire and interest and your good intensions, I bring you these  words and lessons for We in Spirit know the good well-meaning of all of you.
“Let us talk this morning of what you are all interested in and let Us begin by talking about transforming your desires to learn and what it takes to really perfect this ability which is a gift given to you to fulfill  this desire and make it real for you.   For it does take more than just the desire.  This desire is but the first step and We do see that which does seem to burn in your being and this requires that you MUST and we emphasize  “Must” , practice and be consistent and you all have been taught these simple requirements should you really create the success of these desires that you feel so strongly.
“Let us make this morning, some correlations that you may find helpful while thinking about setting these high goals for yourselves to become and develop these goals that you alone set for yourselves. 
“Just as when you were studying in school for your tests, or wanted to learn more about a special interest or field of specific study.   Just as your athletes must practice practice, practice to become and excel in a particular position that they are assigned, so too is this grand goal that you seek and have set for yourselves.   And you can well realize that it takes years to develop the skills that may one day set them apart of from others who don’t  have the same desire or interest or intent to put in that extra time, that extra effort that is takes to reach the goals that are set.  There is the importance, not only having a specific plan but it requires a focused and consistent dedication and “follow through” of that specific plan to achieve that inward and burning desire within them.
   “You must have this same burning desire and to be able to transform that desire into success requires great effort and many times concentrated sacrifice of things that do not contribute to those goals.    Everything noble, everything that is of fine value and worth having in your temporal lives requires great effort and planning and so this is also and perhaps even more so with these goals that you have set for yourselves to attain the accomplished ability of being good and trustworthy receiver.
“My beloved children of Uranta, you well know that we give you these gifts in accordance to  this initial desire and We are willing and pleased to work with you at every possible level and opportunity to help you along so you may achieve these goals that you have set. For this not only helps you in your own individual journey and path to perfection but this has a vital role in the very service to what now comes to Urantia. 
“Your goals, your plans to achieve these goals and the follow through and effort that must be put forth to achieve these high goals are all up to each of you.  We have given you instructions and information that will lead you to the success you desire.   How many actually faithfully follow this guidance that has been shared with you many times?   You can make excuses and explanations as to why you do not follow this guidance and that, my children will not change the facts that if you truly want to accomplish what you say you want you will find the quietness, the stillness, the practice, the time, energy and effort that are the requirements  of being a good T/R. 

 “We are always here to inspire you, to give you that little push that you so often need but in reality the effort that you give is the only measure that will give you the success that it takes to move forward in the achievements you seek.   When we tell you that you need “daily” practice that is exactly what is meant.    While We applaud your efforts, you ,deep inside if you are being  honest with yourselves,  know that as you skip days and hum and haw around that this will only retard your growth and your goal will faulter and suffer and will be unrealized.  
“Create within yourselves and have that “sticktoitiveness” that you must have, especially now that what comes to Uranta with the Announcment is so very close.  Give your whole attention to this goal that you have set.  It is never too late to rededicate concentrate and refocus your efforts for you will have remaining time to develop these skills.  However know well that the time is upon you and the time to get busy and stick to your plans and place your attention and efforts that only you can do yourself.   When we say to you that you are needed, we mean that wholeheartedly.    There are so few on this world that have the needed foundations that can be built upon for all the work that needs to be done.   You here are indeed agondonters and have pledged and vowed your love and service to the Father on behalf of Urantia.  The work is critical as is the need for reliable T/Rs.   I know, as We all do that you have the desires to serve now is the time to put forth the needed effort to hone the skills and requirements to be of real and lasting service to the Missions and all those who come to help Urantia.
“You are the masters of your own success so I encourage you “and what you are willing to do not only for yourselves but with Us.  Remember, my dear children, that everything of value takes effort.  Don’t be discouraged by your occasional uncertainty, reluctance, by your sometime awkwardness.   Your consistent practice will dispel these feelings.
“It has been mentioned several times to all of you to feel the joy and fun in this work.    Ron is so well known for his sense of humor and wit and many of you, at times let your seriousness be a hindrance and make this work more stressful than it is or can be.   There is a joy in service that many of you have yet to experience, but know that it is there.   Some of you see your efforts as failures yet I tell you truly they are no failures,  see them as stepping stones that just tell you to stake a higher step and then they will not cause you to stumble.    They are there to teach you, to help you along.   There is nothing but you yourselves that keep you from eventually becoming all you desire and much much more than you can even know right now.
“My Spirit Ministries and those that are at your very sides, your Thought Adjusters who hold and are entrusted with the plans and blueprints for your life’s journey, and other beings unknown to you that are so close to you await and watch your efforts.
“Spirit wants so very much speak with you, to be involved with your life for all know what is at stake in these times.   Give unto them you time attention and let them guide and direct you.
“The reviews of this lesson are these:  Come into stillness and prayer, quiet your active minds, open your hearts, set your goals , devise a plan and follow through with the needed effort that creates the success that is the desire of your hearts.   Listen, practice, and be consistent.   These are all words and lessons you have heard before and only these will lead you to be the T/R that you want to be.     This is Mother Spirit and My love for you is always within you.       Good day.”
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