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Author Topic: Meloloc, Action Now & Trusting Father, 1 Oct. 2016, Daniel L V NV. US  (Read 258 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Actions Now & Trusting Father
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
1 October 2016, 17:10 Z

Transmitter: Thank You for Your ways of love and kindness Father and for the Corrective Time here on Urantia in Nebadon. With love, respect and appreciation for all your faithful care of us, we express gratitude! Would there be some message or teaching you would like today?

“You can begin now Daniel.  This is Meloloc with comments regarding the public announcements, almost sure to take place very soon. Here are the reminders to all we have mentioned several times, just so we are all on the same page.

-“When it happens, in trust, watch and wait, study all that is happening for posterity, speak incessantly in prayer, using this most momentous occasion to slow down and properly settle into the beginning era. Write and receive messages, saving them perhaps, to emphasize the times and events, if you are moved to, as much may come to be shared with the world later.

-“Be on top of your local situation with circumspection about the timing to being out and about in the down town areas or not. It may be as long as weeks for some normalcy and safety to come about in your unique circumstances.

-“Use this time for your relationship building with our Celestial leaders and your own stillness times for having the openness for being accessible for spiritual and physical work they need you to do with and on each of you.

-“Spend more time in study, catching up on subjects you have listed to get to, as we wait for instructions. Expect and be open to Adjuster communication as a replacement for conventional communication failure.

[Here, try as I might, wait as I might, I could not hear anything more and I spent yesterday spinning my wheels in study, forum reading, puttering and ridiculous second guessing, enough to last for quite a while. Then today this came in regular fashion].

“You can begin writing Daniel. What I want to say today is; that the things written above are good, but consider this also; never before in the history of mankind on any planet in Nebadon, has there ever been a Magisterial Sons Mission as loaded with import as this one has. The reason it is so pivotally cardinal is the teaching lessons inherent in earth’s experience. The innermost heart of the relationship with The Father is wound up in Urantia’s most prominent and pregnant lesson. He can be trusted blindly. This issue of trusting his will and way of doing things cannot be overemphasized. You are literally steeped in the premise that no one, no one ever, should be trusted to be your guide and ultimate decision maker. The reason is, it goes, is because the entity always will be fallible. This is true in all humans you have ever known.

“Now enter in the drama, a certain human connected at the hip with The Father through the aspect of The Father in him. For the first time ever also, along with using mortals in a Magisterial Son's Mission, a human leader and associate Apostle is connected and fully vested in this Magisterial Mission, teaching and guiding in a way that is a stumbling block, big time, for many in the last 25 years, on the crucial point of trusting and acting on the suggestions of the Father's human servant.

“What's at issue is your inner capitulation to his leadership, fully trusting him, over only one tiny point, which is everything and that is: ‘Is he a bona fide servant of the Father’? Hundreds we know about would say on this point with absolute conviction that we have done the most foolish thing imaginable and that is to buy into the premise that he is The Father's chosen and authorized and fully approved agent in all he does.

“Of course he is not infallible, but he is approved and authorized! That is the most important point in the entire universe, to let sink deep in to the inner bones. Because of the miss understanding of this one point, if they are not careful, hundreds if not thousands are missing the most important opportunity they could have ever dreamed of and later will in consternation and full admission, slap their thigh, saying:  ‘I cannot believe I could have been so blind’.

“Nothing will be derogatory in their ascension path; it just could have been a hundred times more auspicious for the want of this humble realization, a realization that you will take to the investment house with your figurative bags of loot soon; ‘If the Father says it, you can trust it’. –Not worrying about the mouth piece-. They of course would accuse many on this forum of being juvenile and naive to the extreme. This whole situation reminds one of the astute wisdom of The Father, to in such an effortless way prove who would be more fitting for high responsibility. All over one small appearing issue having to do with appointment viability and its ramifications.  A small seeming principle but one of deal breaking significance.

Thank you, everyone, agondonters all, for your absorbing this teaching today. I embrace you from my place as a teacher and guide with humble, joyful comradery in the exhilarating, action packed task we have been called to by none other than; The Father! This is Meloloc, Domtia”………


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