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Author Topic: Meloloc,You're Most Urgent Necessity, 29 Sept. 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 289 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: You're Most Urgent Necessity
Category: The will of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
29 September 2016, 17:44 Z

Transmitter: Thank You our Creator, Master, Guide and Father for the indwelling Spirit of Christ, with Your Own Spirit as the means for any Celestial Being, to speak as themselves through mortals such as ourselves! Thank You for this benefit and gift of working in your Corrective time initiative! Is there some teaching or message you would have transmitted at this time?

Meloloc: “Yes Daniel, you can begin! When we come together like this, with a lesson, our purpose is; other than to review some new subject, to give impetus for growth. Or said another way: through the mystery of Spirit action, to catalyze or combine creatively, ideas for your minds activation. When this happens the expansion is more or less painless. It happens as a matter of course and one day you wake up hardly knowing yourself because you subjected yourself to a certain course of study. It was schooling, you saw, in your instance, which must be followed. You could have made the opposite choice, but doing the thing you did, resulted in the growth.

“When you were led to this Mission training group, there were in those first months about 100 choices you made or didn’t make that laid out how you have grown. One of the most audaciously pertinent ones you made was to spend most of your time here. Another choice you might have made was to begin to master this arena of study at the expense of your other scholarly interests. Interests you must not drop, but relegate to more minor status for the foreseeable future. Reason being; the amount you need to know to be useful in being a teacher or even a worker of the Corrective Time, trumped all the worthy enthusiasms that would only slow your elevation to: Master of Teaching Mission subjects.

“That is your goal by the way; all these archives are specially placed in your lap, for just such a crash initiation into the corps for mortal Celestial collaboration. How have you been doing? Are you still spending most of your time doing what your neighbors are doing, or is this vision of Corrective Time service your consuming passion? Can the fearfulness of the wolf being at your front door now take a rumble seat to this calling? Do you really think enrolling in the most unique training group of the millenniums, actually working for the Gods and then putting it first in your life would result in you being thrown to the curb?

“Why this exhausting yourself in earning a living, being always behind in the most important things, neglecting the very instructions for your curriculums fulfillment. Try to answer that. The only adjustment to your thinking needed, is really knowing, you were placed here by the Universal Father. It’s called abject trust in the Fathers over care.

“Before you go out and quit your job misunderstanding my advice, look at it this way: creative thought with the request for wisdom from the Father will reveal the way for you to spend much more time on your most important calling, without you being wrung dry all the time in the wringer of necessity. It will take some courage! You’re being put on the conveyor belt for Magisterial Mission use is your most important occupation!

“Let me, on that note; leave you all with this being the Lesson for today: ‘how to free you up, so you can juggle it all in a much more workable, balanced, pleasurable and profitable way’? This is Meloloc in salutations of affectionate love, family sharing and of knowing in every situation, what you are up against. Domtia and a most profitable day to you”!


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