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Author Topic: Margul, Simple explination of God, Univ.Father 28 Sept 2016, Daniel. L V Nv.US  (Read 250 times)

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Teacher: Margul
Subject: Simple Explanation of God, of Universal Father
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
28 September 2016, 01:32 Z

Transmitter: Father of all, Thank You for this opportunity to receive a message using the Spirit of Christ, as catalyst and method for the messenger to speak as themselves. What ever you may want to bring to the Serara, Monjoronson Forum and the Teaching Mission workers. In love and praise and trust, Is there a teaching I could transmit today?

“Yes there is Daniel. This is Margul. You can write now that we have something important to say. That thing we have to say is; regardless of whatever is happening at this moment, know the nature and the substance regarding what is God and who is God, also known as the Universal Father.  I am going to explain it as clearly as I can in language you can understand. God is the Trinity, God is the Universe, God is the Spirit, God is the Power and God is the light.  In other words everything is from The First Source and Center. The typing device you are using is. the lamp on the desk, your shirt, You. 

“Now, what you physically are at the moment, is composed of ultimatons, the most basic building block in the universe. They are infinitely smaller than the typical atom. Each of the many electrons in each atom, is composed of 100 ultimatons.  Of the trillions in just your hand alone, each is registered and known by God. The basic building block, the ultimaton sent from Paradise, has a yes/no homing device in it that guides its use. It cannot be used except for the purpose intended. You ask how this could be so when some in the physical world are used for a nefarious seeming purpose, such as weapons, bombs, poison, disease and the like? It is being used for that purpose because that use is temporary and it still is doing His will in spite of being used for destruction for a time only.

“Now to why I am writing this and what I am getting at. In the beginning when it was only The Universal Father, a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum –pun intended- The Father saw what could be done. He would make replicas of himself using many different processes, but every child, every being, was to be unique with an individually different personality that would give a variety and flavor to each, not to be duplicated like that one ever. This offspring was to resemble him in every way; power, intelligence, unique imagination, kind disposition, merciful relating, generous application and totally positive outlook. They would then work with Him in building a playground or domicile that would give the foundation for the ultimate shop and school for expansion, invention, and innovation endlessly. Why? Because, think as you might, there is nothing else feasible, that could be more expansive and good then that!

“What will result of this master, prime, original, idea; will be the most fitting and stimulating creation even possible. A creation with no limits ever, no finish ever, no end ever. Nothing but this would work for having the most truly meaning full existence. Anything else you try to envision is only limiting and inappropriate for the eternity journey. The evolution of the Universe is this guiding idea of free expansion without limits on any type of creativity –except for anything negative or harmful-. Now, at this moment we are progressing on a path of such inspired: ‘bringing into existence’ as to give endless stimulation and education of every child in the Family who shall share fully in the journey and ownership! There you have it. That is God!  

“My purpose today was to show the true purpose and nature of God, to show what true reality is.  We have libraries of explanation to go before you will understand the how and the way and wherefore of the above, but this simple lesson should be a beginning, expressible concept to tell to the most basic beginner to grasp the idea of it all. This is Margul; I wish you a good Day and warmest regards. And as we say in a universal language: Domtia! It means: ‘hello and goodbye, greetings and love, warm wishes for safety and joy and may God bless and be with you.”


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