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Author Topic: Machiventa, Details of Service in The Missions, 27 Sept.2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 398 times)

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Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Details of Service in Missions
Category: Announcements for All
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
27 September 2016, 20:10 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for Your kindness and loving support at every moment. Thank you for the Spirit of Christ to enable teachers to speak through us as themselves. Is there a message at this time?

"Please begin writing Daniel. This is Machiventa, and today, as part of the training and preparation for being used in the Corrective Time, I would like to talk about the appraisal of, what, why, how, when and where, when it comes to being a human worker teaming with Celestial beings. You are benefited greatly and perhaps surprisingly we are too. You are having close contact with role models that will give you a healthy boost in maturity, understanding and wisdom.  We on the other hand are brought to the invaluable understanding of the true nature of this particular unique moment in human evolution on Urantia and how to work most effectively as the overseers of the changes that we bring in a Magisterial Mission. We can see today’s society pretty clearly on Our own, but the interaction with you in the teaching mission and with these discussion Forums, helps Us to see what we should do.

"To bring this to a personal level for you, consider the area of teaching at all levels needed at this time on Urantia. It is truly an inexact science that requires nimble, imaginative response. A typical class of twenty, fourth graders in the American public schools, as an example, is a big challenge. One half of the students can read at approx. their grade level and are reading many things on their own. The other half can read only at the second or third grade level and also have other language challenges being Latino or Asian or Middle eastern, in some cases having recently immigrated. Being able to inspire some confidence in each student and to stimulate all these disparate individuals in the same room will test the best teacher. This fourth grade glimpse I gave you is a microcosm of the problem worldwide. Not the same issues but the same kind of student diversity that a teacher would need to respond to. This is a comment, to have you think of only one small area we will be working with.

"I think you can see how valuable your input and your simple presence will be in the scores of divergent services, we working in the corrective time will perform. Many of these tasks, we still do not know how they should best be done. Resourcefulness and creativity will constantly be the main skill required. In the day to day work, we envision you Magisterial Mission trainees would function similar to an intern, helping out in any way you can. We will model ways to affect a solution and you will be able to rapidly have some proficiency in the same area we are working together in.  The beginning of your actual work will necessarily be a matter of the slow coalescing that will see the magisterial offices set up and organized so a physical place to work out of and to branch out from can be a reality.

“Meanwhile the majority of you will steadily progress here with the forum training as you wait for the expansion of the administration to have a place for you. Patience and confidence is the mode we ask you to adopt. It’s important not to look on the Mission work as a rescue personally from some personal circumstance and to have a long term view of dedicated service from here on, as you continue to do what you have always done, to handle what comes up, where you are.

“If, from the time of the announcements publicly of the Magisterial Missions presence, -and it could be much sooner-, it could be two years or three till you would be summoned to work, look on it as the perfect opportunity to continue to hone your proficiency in all areas, not a reflection in any way upon you, only the reality of our startup. The opportunity to be here and see firsthand all unfold is also a rare privilege.

“Above all rest in the sure knowledge that you’re being here in the Forums with an active support role, is from a definite call and placement by The Father and your use is assured! You are already working as we speak, in the Magisterial Mission! No matter if it is still a period of time to see your hire or invite, never fear and trust implicitly. This is Machiventa Malchizedek instructing you today with the information We know at this time. Our intent is to always keep you appraised in every way as much as We can, as we go along.  With warm regards, a good day to all!”


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