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Author Topic: Machiventa, Reciprocation, 26 Sept. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 265 times)

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Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Reciprocation
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
26 September 2016, 16:38 Z

Transmitter: In this way of receiving, with those you bring to teach coming through the Spirit of Christ, to then speak as themselves through us, I thank You Father for the privilege of being used for this work! Is there some teaching for all here, being trained for the Corrective time?

Machiventa: “Yes there is Daniel. What I want to say today is regarding the subject of; ‘reciprocation’. That means to return back to the starting point over and over. Your car most likely has a reciprocating gasoline or diesel engine. It works by a cycle of mechanical actions that draws in air, mixes it with fuel, explodes it and then does it all again in a precise and extremely rapid manner. The illustration is to have you understand that reciprocation is the way and constitution of all of life. You do this constantly with The Father. He instated the beginning cycle by over and over placing in your life unmistakable love and many actions of concerned care that after a while you could not ignore.

“Then you were inspired to reciprocate with at first a very small amount of return love and devotion. Upon doing this it gratified him enormously and he then gave you even more love and that caused your eyes to open to see more of his love and character. And so around it began to go. In spite of lulls of disinterest on your part that lasted way to long, he did not lose heart and would gently begin again with that cycle of always replenishing what you lacked and his timing was so obvious that you began to understand what was going on and you started to intelligently respond without prompting in a programed relationship that now started to reach out to others like he had done to you.

“He opened up the capacity of your engine by feeding you Revelation that made the go around have much less friction. After some decades, you started to see that no other activity but this back and forth was even very interesting. Your primary occupation was still the same seeking for the truth of all things but now you realized you may have a unique purpose that would put you in The Fathers full time employ. This is where we come on the scene of the Corrective Time work and you were overjoyed to finally have such a clear purpose. You were thrilled to the marrow with this development. Now, talk about leaving things behind, you finagled to work less on the normal human occupation of feathering the nest, to now wanting to feather The Fathers nest. Your friends kept telling you how your obsession for this service would bankrupt you before long. Somehow you didn’t worry a wit about that possibility as you had found the Holy Grail. Holy grails when found take care of their caretakers.

“Now you go into the actual service of The Father that gathers you with old time workers that know all the ropes. Even though the first days of employ were so full of so much you don’t know about the workplace and the strange duties, you knew in your heart that all would be shown and explained in due time. The first discombobulation, although it lasted a long time, was always accompanied with kind coworkers that patiently brought you up to speed.  There was some talk about using you in some aspects of the company that you at first thought were crazy, being so far above anything you had ever dreamed of! But before long remembering The Fathers over care, you came to entertain the realization that something even that far out might be feasible.

“Months and months of continuing to immerse yourself in your new job slowly brought all kinds of other realizations also. Your biggest challenge was the amount of work expected of you. Sometimes it was so much, you fell asleep right there at the work bench. Your supervisor didn’t seem to mind and would praise your work ethic. But wow, this was the big leagues, I tell you. You could see others just as occupied and their happiness and joy in doing what they did was contagious. Now your old life of doing your own thing was more and more remote. The schedule you finally came to worked well however, as frequent breaks and diversions of short duration seemed to refresh you far more than they used to.

“The life blood of your life now is the time you spend in communion with the boss. It isn’t that much, but having someone of his stature giving his undivided attention always seems to charge your batteries. The best realization of all is the fact that the Company enterprise isn’t something to do with meaningless manufacturing or service of a mundane nature. The Boss is actually so out there, He thinks what you are doing will save a whole people, nation and world.  It’s so audacious and He makes it so believable, you have no problem dedicating your total existence.

“This Is Machiventa Melchizdek, an over the top Urantia enthusiast, having the most meaning full day of my life, each day I come and work with you all! With affection of the most heartfelt kind, Good Day and Domtia”……


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