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Author Topic: Machiventa, Historic Perspective, 24 Sept.2016. Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 253 times)

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Teacher: Machiventa, Melchizedek
Subject: Historic Perspective
Category: Melchizedek teaching
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
24 September, 2016, 18:30 Z

Transmitter: As we receive messages Father, from those of our teachers and guides, we trust in the new understanding of the power of the spirit of Christ to have those celestial instructors speak as themselves using us as the vehicle. Thank You for the love, the power and the Joy as we do this work. Is there a teaching you would like to bring to these Mission training groups Father?

Machiventa: “In the days of yore when I was sent as a teacher to the area known as Salem, here on Urantia, my first order of business was to build friendships and make acquaintances with those there at that time. I had in mind to find a few good humans that I could instruct to then send out after some years of training to disseminate the excellent news to the ends of the earth if possible.  That news being that the one true God, was well aware of them, was helping them and that He was standing by to foster their growth. What we did was to bring those students to a place of maturity that, having built their relationship with the Father, they could stand on their own as teachers. I sent them out, with the purpose being, to teach and implant the truth, to begin to up step or enlighten all humanity to a sufficient degree, that the knowledge about the nature of God would at least be known as general knowledge, sufficient to have a foundation when Christ would come. This was necessary so that his efforts to round out and finish the story would make sense.

After several centuries what happened was that my mission was largely accomplished and by the time Christ came, it was known in some quarters that God was a God of love, and that the way he operated was very much like a loving family. Those I taught went into Africa, Asia, and what we call Europe and taught the basic premise of; hope for a continuance of life after death, that everyone could have a working relationship with the God of the Universe, that the universe was a benevolent creation and that the golden rule was the basis for morality.

Because of the adversarial nature of the worlds administration at that time being run by Calagastia, our efforts were scattered and thwarted at every turn, yet enough remained to generally get, somewhat, the point across to the whole earth. Subsequently, the things that Jesus taught although fresh and new rang with a connection to those things I had brought.

The reason I’m bringing up this subject is to give perspective on the gargantuan task we are attempting now. This will, in an enhanced and more comprehensive way, blanket the earth population with the whole story in a manner that will have the knowing be universal in approximately 100 years, or if things go well even less. Because of the world wide troubles shared by all, -economic, tectonic, and governmental- our opportunity is hopefully the most portentous and workable now than at any time except for the juncture at the point of the rebellion taking place, 200,000 plus years ago. It may be that over half of the population will be mercifully removed to more fitting circumstances. –morontial life and waiting for resurrection- This means that the remaining composition of the population we take into Light and Life is of a quality that has a much better receptivity than we see at the moment, percentage wise.

The truth is that we don’t know how this will play out, we only know that the Fathers intention; of a Jewel of an instructional planet, with all established in happiness, rightness and thorough sustainability is going to be the result. As we have mentioned before, your training here on the Mission Forums as mortal workers, has the dual purpose of you being highly appropriate agents for communicating to this generation but also the silver lining of you than resulting as sons and daughters of God who have reaped and assimilated all the priceless experience of doing that task. This experience will then be used in an even more fitting way, if that is possible, to do and accomplish things on the agenda beginning in the near future and on into the far future. Projects with our Local Universe Sovereigns and Creators we have only been given hints at.  

This will be all for this instruction for now, but this gives an overview of how we reached this moment. Thank you one and all for your application and your pressing forward in the face of many obstacles and challenges in each of your lives. As your Teachers and Guides, how you are meeting those less than ideal living circumstances is not going unnoticed and is the basis for our evaluation for where you can best be used in the Corrective Time.  This is Machiventa Melchizedek with cheer and good will to everyone. Domtia”……


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