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Author Topic: Machiventa, Regression & Progression, 23 Sept. 2016 Daniel, L V NV.US  (Read 258 times)

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Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Regression and Progression
Category: Melchizedek Teaching
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, Nev.
23 September 2019, 17:03 Z

Transmitter: Father in coming to you for a message, Thank you for the new and more effective way to deliver a celestial message using ourselves as the place the Spirit of Jesus resides and can be used to have the messenger actually become us to be then communicated directly as them. Help us to open with understanding to this ability for teaching those listening, to have them hear you much more acutely directly to their heart and mind. Do You have a message for all today?

“Yes I do and it is, the subject of: ‘regression’ a return to a former less developed state. This is Machiventa in high spirits of anticipation for what is to take place soon and I am speaking about this topic as a punctuation mark when it comes to thinking about each of your lives personally. The last thing we want to do is to regress in any way. Regression takes place usually when we stop doing some positive thing in our lives. We had the habit of seeking the company of The Father first thing in the morning and we begin just sleeping through and then starting our day on our own as it were, regressing in worship and dedication for the time being. Or we no longer take care about what we eat, so are ballooning to a sluggish state of overweight.

“The opposite of regression is progression where we use effort and firm choice to do some positive thing. The animal side in all of us loves to take it easy and coast at every opportunity, forgetting about the bright tomorrows we could create with regular postponement of pleasure within reason. The fanatical application of self will to force change and makeover at all cost, has aspects of positive helpful behavior and in part is the resolve you must have for progressive character evolution, yet has the seeds of disillusionment. Before long, because of the amount of excessive will and energy required, the resolve weakens and failure may be the result because the overly rigid standards proves impossible to reasonably maintain.  

“The solution to all of this; -because we must progress. I know you have a list, of should’s that if embraced and performed would transform your life to no end- is to take to The Father as your Adjuster, the situation as you see it, conversing in detail about all aspects of the quandary. Reason with your Adjuster, in communion with him or her, about the perplexities that you are unable to solve to date and the reasons for this impasse, not pulling any punches.

“State your strong interest and desire, outlining why it hasn’t worked before and here is the biggest secret to making this new start work: ask the Father seriously to show you a path that will work for you and promise to respond to the prompts that are given.  What you have now you didn’t have before, is a connection of wisdom, to make the actions you need to take, bite size and sustainable from here on out. Your efforts will not have the fanatical edge you attempted to use before that contained the imbalance that defeated you. What you will be guided to, day by day, will truly work. Now relax in abject trust. As much as possible keep your promise to respond to The Adjusters suggestions. When you fail to take the advice offered, apologize and begin anew. No biggy.

“This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your friend, teacher and guide, the resident expert in human progression; I’ve only been at this game for eons! You know, only a little experience, ha ha. With love, Domtia”………….


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