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Author Topic: Ocilliaya, New Fresh Way to Recieve and Transmit. 22/9/16,Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 278 times)

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Teacher: Ocilliaya
Subject: New Fresh Way to Receive and Transmit
Category: Teaching Mission Skills- Transmitting
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
22 September 2016, 18:19 Z

Transmitter: Father, Thank You for yesterday’s inspiring eye opener from Sananda through Sue and then the encouragement and pointers from Christ Michael, Sananda and Ron, to begin a new way of having our Celestial messengers come through us as themselves, using the Spirit of Jesus that is in us. This in total trust, I am attempting to learn about and make a reality with Your help. Is there a message you would like transmitted today?

“Yes Daniel, you can begin writing, the one speaking through you today is Ocilliaya with a teaching about this new way of receiving someone like myself and you just letting go of any restrictions or personal control other than to get out of the way in a new way of opening for the inclusion or inbeing of myself as I speak. I am you with no barrier between us, no wall or partition just me as you, using the Spirit of Jesus. Do you feel anything at this time? -Me, Just the definite prompt to get going with a message after a short wait of about 30 min.

“Now do this, just gather me in, allowing me to use your body, vocal cords, and mouth for what I want to accomplish. Me- Okay!

“Do you feel anything?  -Me, No, nothing yet. What I want to say, -Me, I’m speaking as I type.- is that this way of delivering a message will become second nature,  as you might be used in a public situation you would simply speak what comes to you without any premeditation. If it seems garbled, not to worry as we will handle the hearing as well. Mainly, let go of that worry about over control on your part, trusting me to do my thing, you comfortably getting into the occasion in a knowing of wise orchestration with total trust.

“Yet you are coming across as you with all your personality. As you go on, pray as we speak, for this miracle to happen as it should. Relax into the new paradigm of revelation intended from the Father. Know it is working without any evidence at the moment. Trust that it is all true and that you can do this. Continue with courage that belies the newness, go on, and let it happen now.

“I am going to speak, Daniel, like I envision using someone like you, as it is practice for us also. My teaching other than the new way of using the Spirit of Christ in each of you transmitters is about the other fledgling transmitters coming along right behind.  You see what we are doing here, in this scribes case, he has determined the most important thing in his life is to be ready, even a few minutes before, every day at seven am. It could work at 3 pm or any time as well, for that is not the issue, what is the most helpful at first is the regularity, the firm intention with follow thru, that than comes to be highly dependable. If nothing is heard at this occasion, after a short time determine to try again later and for sure the next day.

“We come then and your practice and training can take off.  It is always a rough road because of your uniqueness, your lack of precedent, and that is the struggle you engage over and over, with willingness and never say die attitude.

“At first practically everything you do is a mistake. Slowly you see the path, slowly you understand, slowly you improve to hear and say and correct and perfect the transmission. The uncertainty is the biggest challenge where each attempt is fraught with unknowns. Yet you go ahead trusting, knowing you may in truth, be in trouble with the administrator and need perhaps to be trimmed or adjusted, but you don’t care, your skin is a little thicker, you are starting to be more fearless, because his stripes are true or fair for what needs to be done.

“You feel safe even when corrected as you know correction is the name of the game. Your humility is tested and you start to be more willing to expose yourself to the polishing that is sometimes uncomfortable. You stop caring so much about yourself and how you look, because you know the choosing for service is real in your case. This is not something you are trying to establish and start on your own. You have been drafted in full approval of the administration who knows you can do this.

“This is Ocilliaya, continuing in the vain of encouraging instruction for all beginning transmitters. The step to dedicate yourself to the Magisterial Sons Mission is the crucial beginning all must come to.  It looks like this; you see clearly that nothing else is important, you are so convinced of this, that you are willing to give everything you hold dear, in the pursuit of being useful to Mother and Father, Sovereign rulers of Nebadon. You do this because you see clearly that to serve now immediately in a direct relationship with Celestial leadership outrageously trumps any remotely possible scenario that could be imagined as a more desirable path for a human first life mortal on Urantia. This attitude insures your success.

“When you have reached this point of personal conviction; Katie bar the door for your coming growth and expansion.  Now we have a coworker fertile for the schooling to make you useable.  The heart of this is humility.  Your prayer is: “Father use me in any way you want.  If it is highly unpleasant or challenging, I know your wisdom is such that I can handle it and that I will understand its perfection later. I know you know when enough is enough and I can trust your kindness and mercy to always perfectly fit the training to the child. I have no more worries now that my dedication is complete and total. To still harbor self-will and demands of my own in opposition to you is as workable as trying to mix oil and water. My trust fills in all extenuating circumstances that smooths over any unknowns. I am ready Father”.

This is Ocilliaya as I bring this lesson to a close. The new understanding Sananda is bringing to everyone is the way we will be working, Read again the conversation from Sue’s posting on her conversation [21 Sept. 2016] with Sananda and the immediately following two postings under Ron's name, of conversations with Himself and Christ Michael, Ron and all of you, so you can start to adjust your thinking of having the Celestial Messenger speak through you as themselves as you. In prayer to your adjusters this new way will become clear and practical of implementation. I wish you all a good day with most friendly salutations. Domtia”………..


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