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Author Topic: Marlock, Taking Care of Business, 21 Sept. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 363 times)

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daniel alderfer

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Teacher: Marlock
Subject: Taking care of Business
Category: Teaching Mission Skills & Transmitting
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
21 September 2016, 17:50 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for the way you are looking after and taking such care of Urantia. You are setting in motion our redemption and remaking for our complete recovery. With love and worship, I ask if You have a lesson or teaching for us?

“Yes Daniel you can begin: Today in what looks like very close proximity to the second return of Jesus, my message is one on the subject of ‘taking care of business’. The business would be The Fathers business, taking care of it would be our particular task and area of responsibility. We know what that area and task is because we are keeping close tabs on the school room and blackboard; we otherwise call the Serara, Monjoronson Forum. When we read all that comes across we come to see things we could do. We begin to have an urge to participate, to help in some way.  When we heard about the urgent need for competent Transmitters' and Receivers, and that all could become one, we began practicing as they suggested.

“In many circumstances this effort has turned into the most challenging of your life! You consistently came and presented yourself and listened faithfully, only to be rewarded with silence. This did not go on for six weeks but for some now it has been six months or longer! You try and you sigh and you look at yourself, now convinced there is something grievously wrong. You remember the statement that unless you are able to receive messages you would be unable to work as a full time person. Considerable pressure! You see the progress of school mates soaring ahead in ability apparently gifted to them, and so why not you? You think about mortals in the past history of the earth who were asked to continue on in some type of unfruitful seeming occupation almost interminably that finally were given relief. That gives you some encouragement.

“Married couples were promised children and yet decades went by with no action. Someone was promised relief of some national situation where injustice was almost unbearable yet it persisted to be a grievous thing they continued to suffer. An important teacher and leader had a physical malady that made it impossible to effectively work without a continuous heavy extra effort. All of those in these examples had to continue to believe that The Father knew what he was doing. All had to get up in the morning for example and determine again for the hundredth time to be there to receive what looks like non existing messages. Your soul was being tried to the enith degree. Dozens of times you were at the place of; ‘enough of this nonsense, I’ve had it’. But you keep on. Good!

“You know you are not an insincere person, you know this apparent lack of progress is not a punishment, [The Father doesn’t work that way] You know that when something comes with long consistent effort you are far more appreciative and your character is much deeper and stronger because you had the maturity to see through something that is VERY difficult. You know your casting about for solutions, resourcefully trying ten different approaches IS very helpful. You know how this experience, when relieved, will be a powerful encouragement to others. And so you are still here and you have not given up! Good!

“The self-examination you have put yourself through in this experience has been invaluable. The amount of raw faith you have had to draw upon to continue has strengthened you. The increased closeness with The Father of all and Mother Spirit with Christ Michael, Jesus often on your mind in requests for help has brought you to a new place of closeness you may not realize yet. Most of all you are proving to your Creators that you have what it takes to serve consistently. No flash in the pan that accepts with joy but then the cares of life snatches the vision away. Do you think this trial for you needs to go on interminably? I don’t think so!

“This is again Marlock, writing for increasing your understanding and joy, noticing your expansion even though you may not at the moment! Thank you for being stalwart in the face of challenging difficulties.  With unreserved love and respect for each one of you, good day”.


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roger krupa

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I thank you Marlock and Daniel for this encouraging message.  A few years ago I came to the realization that the authors of the Urantia Book did not just drop off the text and leave.  Many of them were still here.  I began to speak with some of them.  This went on for some time, but as life began to get more stressful for me, the contacts began to fade.  I have not lost faith and I read these postings every day.  I am willing to support the Missions in any way I can but I, at present, have no idea what I can do.  It is good to know that, when the time comes, I will receive direction and support for whatever my task is to be.

Domtia, Roger
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