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Author Topic: Marlock,The Choice You Made, 19 Sept. 2016, Daniel L V NV. US  (Read 264 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Marlock
Subject: The choice you Made
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
19 September 2016, 19:22 Z

Transmitter: In appreciation for your love that is the most important substance of this Universe, Thank You Father for this training forum and for placing all here like you have. Is there a teaching you would have today for us and the world?

Marlock: ”What I would like you to write today, is about the way the world has universally given the most credence and respect to the physical. This is because to do anything else brands you as counter culture, or fringe, or mentally suspect. You on this mission training forum believed and stepped out with unreserved trusting embrace of all you were seeing and you shared at first, all of this most wonderful insight. Until you got badly burned! You learned the wisdom to keep all this close to your heart. Internally however after that, you even doubled your loyal intention. You saw that sharing of the most thrilling news you had ever heard which was:

“You personally were being asked to help with the genuine second return of Jesus to be immediately followed with the position in the corrective time, that would throw you with Celestial beings who would train you. Not only that, but also this group you were being asked to train with, had a destiny tied into the work the two local universe sovereigns, Father and Mother, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, Creator Son and Daughter of Nebadon, in the far future. This was a service opportunity that would place you blessed beyond measure, as unique tools somehow to work with them in the outer space zones!

“This sharing would have to wait until events caught up with this train load of truth, to be freely explained then. To your everlasting credit, you had the vision to throw all caution to the winds and you signed on in deep sincerity. [Your friends called it the height of naivety and gullible wishful thinking]. You gave your allegiance, to a group with a public reputation so far in the cellar that for years it has been a laughing stock. Even to tens of thousands, of august long term students of the best revelation, ‘The Urantia Book’, ever delivered to an evolving planet. What this means is that like the prophets of old, you believed without seeing and it was counted as sufficient for you to be used.  

“The heart of the dissonance between you and UB students in general, is that you know the art of delivering teaching to mortals from the Celestial realm. This being done through persons newly receptive, is not only inspired by The Father, but is the way the Corrective Time will be administered as far as communication goes. This all important point, is missed by so many who strangely, can see that the Urantia Book itself was delivered in exactly this way; 'A scribe wrote down what was heard by a human subject that was being used to say what the Celestial authors wanted delivered'. 'As well there is the instance of having manifested, a stack of handwritten manuscript, that one day appeared on a household table in the home of the human receiver'. They can see all that and accept its credibility, but then close their understanding to the truth that the teaching and revelation is simply continuing on a much larger and useful scale with the Teaching Mission.

“The authenticity of the Urantia Book in the eyes of almost everyone who is a serious student is established irrespective of these above accepted facts. Because of one other undeniable truth; It is accepted by everyone universally who does so, because the writing is of such a high standard of logic and reasonableness. It is also coupled with comprehensive cohesive thoroughness and unheard of accuracy, that sincere scholars are forced to the conclusion of its celestial origins. It is largely seen to be beyond human capability to produce a literary composition of this perfection and authentic insight. The same applies likewise, in a lesser, but very acceptable degree, with the instruction and knowledge in the Teaching Mission Archives! Nothing on earth comes close to the eclectic breadth of the, for accurate spiritual knowledge, much of it delivered under the auspices of known teachers or patriarchs, that supports all the knowledge delivered in the Urantia Book.

“My purpose today is to open your eyes to see what you have done, to reinforce the wisdom of your choices, and to have you even more consecrated to the service of the Magisterial Missions. This is the teacher, ‘Marlock, a Lanonandek son, working for the duration for Serara in the Mission, I hope to meet everyone personally someday, a distinct pleasure for all of us here.  With loving devotion to the Father, good day and Domtia”………


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