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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Investment in Corrective Time,18 Sept.2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 305 times)

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Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: Investment in The Corrective time
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
18 September 2016, 17:14 Z

Transmitter: At this Corrective Time moment, Thank You Father for the help and love to accomplish all You would have us to do. We give praise, adoration, and worship as we are here to receive any teaching or Being you may want to bring before us. Is there someone or lesson for us today?

“This is Mansonloran, with a message having to do with the subject of ‘Giving all you can give’. By that I mean being willing to give the shirt off your back. That’s a hard thing to do being you yourself then would need to go find another to wear very soon or you yourself would be naked and cold. In actual fact it would mean to most of you simply going home where the closet has many more shirts to choose from. So the sacrifice personally would be at the most several hours or less of walking around shirtless or simply going to the nearest shirt store to buy a new one. What is my point of all this discussion? My point is to be disconnected from the personal possessions fixation that guides and rules everyone, practically, on Urantia.

“Millions, ‘millions’, will lose their physical life soon because even though they had sufficient warning and time to run away from certain destruction, the hesitation because of the possessions and precious personal keepsakes, such as photographs, money and jewelry, will seal their fate. Their life on balance will be sacrificed for their things. Intelligent evolutionary mortals were of course programed this way as the things they could accumulate meant survival.  A long time down the road was the realization that the relationship with The Father was in fact the only real possession insuring salvation. A Jewish lady in Poland had weeks of time to escape the SS dragnet, but her extremely valuable grand piano and its safe deposition was what delayed her action and sealed her fate for the concentration camp.

“Soon almost everyone here in the Magisterial Mission training group will be brought to this very question. Highly acute decisions will hang on almost everything having to be left. Not all individuals of course, as some will be working right in the location they are, through to the end of their period with the Corrective time. That would certainly be the exception however. This lesson today is in preparation for the decision the rich young ruler was asked to make by the apostles and Jesus. Of all the reasons that a worker that has been trained and prepared to join Serara in this complete refurbishing of Urantia and then would balk because of love of possessions, this one is certainly avoidable.

“When you think of your most prized possessions like that large, $200, coffee table book of the complete works of Leonardo Da Vinci, you scrimped to buy many years ago, Like the ten albums of family pictures, priceless in any family, like the antique carpentry tools from your grandfather, in that intricate wood box, or if you are American, your fathers engraved shot gun, or your mothers lace she brought from central Europe when she immigrated, this kind of thing. What would you do on these kinds of questions? Could it all be thrown to the winds at a moment’s notice, simply because The Fathers representative made a phone call to you? Not The Father mind you, but His lowly representative.  Think about it.

“All these tethers to the physical could be cut by disposition to some friend or simple abandonment if unavoidable. My position or question, is concerning the inner extent of investment to the Magisterial Mission. Is it 110%, or what is it? A man found an enormous outcrop of quartz on some land he was hiking on, literally shot through with pounds of solid gold and all hidden by the overgrowth. He went home, sought out the owner and even though he had to sell all he owned, he bought that land.

“This is Mansonloran, wishing you all a most expansive and joyful day! Domtia”…….


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