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Author Topic: Meloloc, Review of The Present, Your Reward, 17 Sept. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 248 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Review of the present, Your Reward
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
17 September 2016. 18:55 Z

Transmitter: Father and Creator of all, with love that You have given us, I come in worship and devotion for responding to whatever You may have to teach us at this time. Is there, for those You placed in this place of training, some instruction and help you would want transmitted?

Review of the present circumstances

Meloloc: “Yes, there is, you can begin: As a teacher, assigned to teach in the Magisterial Son’s Mission, my purpose today is to review the ‘whys’ of what is taking place. Whys, that some have forgotten for the time being and are no longer here. I am very happy to be working as a teacher with this Mission group and our task is to have each of you cognizant and able to serve as diplomatic aids, T/R persons, office workers, public speakers, teachers, and service workers of many types. In doing this work, with the Magisterial Missions, you first must understand most of the teachings of the Urantia Book, and be aware of things such as: the cause and reason for the tribulations coming, the history of the Corrective time, the history of the UB delivery, the names and offices of the leaders of the Missions, and be well informed about most general knowledge of this time, concerning the Geography, nations and personalities that make up modern Urantia.

“No matter what is coming along the highway you can be confident of the over care of The Father. If there is some kind of glitch in the plans of the announcing to the world of Jesus return and the outwardly visible Magisterial Missions, all is rapidly reset and readjusted for another new beginning as soon as possible. To explain again, one thing that is a constant consternating development is the unknown factor you could call operations protocol. If things coalesce to the point where a realistic window for going forward is apparent, we have to be sure before we go ahead that all the ways things must be done are addressed.

"If one of the most important action of the ages were to take place with loose ends of improper historic connotation and attention to future ramifications, then an untenable situation of unacceptable historic outplaying would be solidified forever with glaring inconsistencies or missing vital details of Universe precedent, hence, it must be delayed. I know you might think it would be normal that such details should be able to be rectified by what you would call miraculous intervention. They can and in many instances are, yet all must be unfolded with actual cause and effect machinations as much as possible. Quite a task! We share again these challenges, as we have done before to remind all of you of the gargantuan nature of all that must take place. We know what must be done and we appreciate you’re sticking with us as we patiently come to the point of accomplishing this. This process is importantly supported by having a foundation of reasonable explanation like I am attempting with this lesson.  

Your reward and how it came to be

“Thank you all for keeping the faith in a way that inspires those many millions that are watching this never before tried experiment of mortal and Celestial collaboration. Those of you that have come to the place of supreme confidence, without seeing, other than in your imaginative knowing, are blessed. Even in the face of such uncertainty as you have and are living through, you can take additional heart in experiencing first hand, the real gift of what it is like to be the recipients of this fruit of the Spirit of The Father. Your unshakable conviction, rare at this moment on the face of the earth, is your evidence of things not seen. For ever after, this solid characteristic and ability [knowing with certainty] is yours and is of inestimable value.

“I say this to show you how you are already being rewarded handsomely for your service. I’m sure none of you can say you worked this up on your own. It just came to you as another bestowal, similar to your placement in this group that is of such importance and honor, as to stupefy and humble any one of sincere intention and sound mind.

“These perks, you could say, were given to each member because of your unreserved loving and serving of The Father. Take this to heart and reserve in your memory, to bring about that further settling of satisfaction, joy and elation that will be a permeate part of your presence of mind and personality in perpetuity. Also note for ever and ever the why of these honors: -unselfinterested giving of your life-!

“That unselfish giving is also a gift that came to you, not of your own making. Why was that gift given? Here then is the beginning: You put The Father and the Family first, it eclipsed and outshone everything. That decision may have cost you your reputation, your spouse, your children, your lively hood, your cash, perhaps your sweet nest in the country with its comfortable life, all that you used to call dear. I hope you can see on balance, it in reality is and will be worth it. This is Meloloc, with comfort from The Father, to you with love. Domtia”………….


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