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Author Topic: Mansonloran, New Governmental Systems, 14 Sept. 2016, Daniel L V NV. US  (Read 359 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: New Governmental Systems
Category: Governments, Good and Bad
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
14 September 2016, 20:30 Z

Transmitter: Thank You, our Father and Creator, for Your Spirit that is You in us, close as our own heart, ever there to provide guidance with the addition of a love and care to end all doubt. With elation and happiness for this privilege, do you have some teaching for all today?

                                               Governmental systems

“Yes Daniel, begin whenever you like. This is Mansonloran, with a message having to do with the necessity of passive intervention in this world governmental systems.

“Almost everywhere even now, around the world, in government, there is a desire to serve the people, but then, too often, it falls short in execution, usually for self-serving reasons. To take matters in our own Celestial Magisterial Mission hands, doing the actual work of government in the committees and cabinets would accomplish everything in a smooth beautiful way. Small problem, no mortals are exercised, stretched or educated. So we do it the only other way, which is by being there at each opportunity to inspire with guiding thoughts, and by projecting loving attitudes. Those we are helping then must do the choosing at each twist and turn of the conversation and debate. This is interesting work but challenging from the standpoint of taking a ponderous amount of time.

“The biggest retarding factor is the lack of selfless, serving individuals, far enough along in understanding the Fathers way, that is very happy with normal pay or many times with volunteering the labor because of their own financial success. Many must catch the vision and joy of that kind of life. Workers are needed that foster progress by getting out of the way in all the changes for efficiency and utility, that being the first duty of government. A merit system is important for choosing bureaucrats, with a term limit on all offices to encourage one time stints of single-minded effort that are then in turn, relinquished for fresh individuals to do their civic duty.

“Other areas of change needed; have to do with civil engineering standards for roads and utilities, with property registry and legal framework [missing in many third world countries]  to insure the inviolate nature of family property. All can as the Corrective Time unfolds, have a family place of permanence, with low taxs if any, and coupled with the guarantee of safety and domestic tranquility. It’s a way of life and government a lot like heaven on earth. Considerable understanding of these issues covered in this lesson are known in the organized cities and nations of the world, all that is lacking in to many, is the integrity with benevolence where the opportunity and joy to serve, instead of acquisition, is the motivation of public servants.

“The next area of good governance that must be thought about, solved and fairly implemented, is concerning the taxation necessary for the financing of public service institutions such as schools, fire departments, road and bridge and public transportation. Aside from honesty and transparency, there must be much leeway given for unique local circumstances, such as the northern and southern, hemisphere's fight with winter and such things as storm and tidal conditions in other hemispheres. The amount and ways and means of taxation will be all over the map, yet, fair, modest, sufficiency is possible, and this will be the norm, where public finances are a boon instead of a drag on commerce and entrepreneurship.

“Regulation must be minimal to limit bureaucratic spread, but it is vital in areas like the ocean and river fisheries, waste disposal, mining, forestry, and wild game management. Gone with no regrets, will be the need to police almost any activity as the moral climate will change soon [twenty to thirty years] to such a degree that responsible pro-active civic mindedness is the fabric of everything having to do with anything. The first decades of the Mission outreach will be a challenge or better stated, huge mess, because simultaneous with all the progressive thrusts of enlightened encouragement will exist all the old attitudes of Jacks society [pre Magisterial Mission dysfunctional society] that keep having to be patiently explained and reasoned with as to their inefficiency and unsuitability. Having these most basic things in the five paragraphs above, known and published as a given insures tons of kindly reinforcement.

This lesson is to inform about the coming inexorable enlightenment you all will help with and be a part of. These details can be explained with the many you converse with as things unfold. The basic refreshing change that is as solid as a rock, is the kind, trustworthy, reasonable and workable nature of anything the Magisterial Mission touches. Again this is Mansonloran with this review of coming attractions, as you say, to be archived in the TML category: ‘Governments good and Bad’. Eyes Only. Thank you for your attention, with happy regards,  Domtia”…..


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