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Author Topic: Mansonloran, The Task, Rate of Development,13 Sept. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 327 times)

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daniel alderfer

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: Leaping to the Task, Rate of Development
Category: General Discussion
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
13 Sept. 2016, 20:54 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Our Father of all, in appreciation and love; I come with an open mind for being used in any way, with confidence and willingness for your service. Is there some message you would like transmitted at this time?
                                                               The Task
Mansonloran: “You can begin writing at any time.  The subject I want to cover today for ‘Eyes Only’ is the one I am going to call: ‘Leaping to the Task’. When you hear of something to do and then quickly begin working on it without delay, is the thought behind todays lesson. At the most basic, our task for those in these classrooms of the Spirit, as Assale calls them, is to energetically study the book. Each should have the goal of becoming a master of the UB. Simultaneously it is vital that you be sure to read the and the TM List postings. These lessons are not timed by chance and if you can, read them twice, so as much as possible sticks.  All we expect is to do the best you can.

“The other task and student duty is to ask questions when you are able. Most of you could with reflection come up with some questions. Many of them would have to do with incomplete statements you have read from your Leaders, Ron and other posters or Urantia book statements that have you scratching your head. If it is a question that with some study you could find the answers too on your own, then by all means do so to save Ron and others the time.  However, then when you do find the answer to a short or long explanation of pertinent, relevant information, take a moment if you can, and choose the fitting category for posting to let us all know. Many of you already do that and it is excellent help for everyone.

“In subjects you have no way of finding out, it is a labor of love to ask them of our instructors. If the answer is not forthcoming, bide your time, perhaps it fell through the cracks. Often your Adjuster will bring the answer to you, but if not, then ask again later as no question on these subjects is unimportant. This takes discernment as to timing perhaps, to put before the Forum worthwhile discussion. What I’m suggesting is the way of a diligent student. The biggest trouble is that the time necessary to perform like this is considerable. Ask The Father specifically for help in this serious challenge regarding limited time, each has. You’ll be led to do the most vital tasks first and the rest must fall by the wayside for now to be taken up at a later day.
                                                      Rate of Development
“Having the intention goes a long way to eventually make good progress in becoming a teacher of superb usefulness later. There are quite a number of members here on the Forum with considerable time and knowledge under your belt, who we may not hear from often and quite a number, practicing, practicing, on receiving messages also relatively silent. Your particular trial or lesson is the patient keeping on with little obvious progress seen on the surface. The admonition in the Urantia Book concerning the over rapid development of a being or an organism leaving them less prepared applies here. To rest assured of your good standing, since you are doing all you can be expected to reasonably do, is the problem. The frustrating, seeming lack of progress is a journey kind of on the scale of the asparagus plant or many fruit trees. For three to seven years on average the young plant shows no fruit, and then begins to bear from then on.

“If you are in the stage of development we all go through, often at first putting little effort in the training program as you slowly make the choices that bring you to a place of much more diligence and consecration, take heart and keep on improving. Your chief Coach, bottle washer and human leader is perfect in modeling what you should do. His journey is very over the top compared to what most, having been led to experience. This time of persistence is surely one of the most difficult of your life to this point. My premise is that you are at the place of the quandary you are experiencing, for the vital reason that without this prolonged drawn out process, your expansion would lack the highly reinforcing stress that I assure you, you will be relieved of. This too shall pass. It takes considerable faith, faith that will leave you as strong as the proverbial ox when it is all said and done.

“Thank you for being the responsive students you are. We are inspired by the unyielding, keen, ceaselessness so many are showing as each faces the path they are on. This Is Mansonloran with loving respect and esteem, as we work together. Domtia”…..


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Hi Daniel...

I believe the plant you refer to above is "asparagus" which I raised for several years when I was able to have a garden... 8)

Keep The Faith My Brother

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