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Author Topic: Meloloc, Being a light to the World, 12 Sept. 2016, Daniel L V NV US  (Read 275 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Being a Light to the World
Category: The Will of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
12 Sept. 2016, 15:32 Z

Transmitter: Thank You, our Father, for this existence that allows us to grow to a similar maturity and life as you now enjoy. Use us in any way you might need for doing your will! Is there a message you would intend to have transmitted today?

Meloloc: “Yes Daniel, you can begin writing. Today the subject I would like to develop is one we all know to some degree. It is the topic of ‘being a light to the world’. What does this look like? Those we have just met sense a genuine interest and spirit of helpfulness, empathy and encouragement. You have a general love of humanity. Your interest about their experiences invites them to open up with a sharing of what they have gone through. You listen with love because we see a part of ourselves we will know from here on. You are not put off by coarseness or lack of education or even rudeness, because we were there too at one point in our own journey. The light shows in acceptance with patience.

“This light shining is exemplified by the take of sympathetic understanding and non-judgmental acceptance that is felt with unspoken communication and words of commiseration and sincere connection as we let them know, if fitting, of our similarly having gone through such trials or life episodes, or length of travel. We listen and listen and we remember later and help them network with others for accomplishing their own healing, goals and desires. We let them know where we can be found to continue the new friendship. We promise only what we can realistically perform and later follow up with help if it is something we see they need. We are sensitive to surmise The Fathers hand in bringing this new acquaintance to encourage and foster. Knowing this provides the energy.

“This light that I am talking about is very sorely needed, but sometimes hard to find as most lanterns are tied to a cloaking shawl that is wrapped with self-interest that consumes the rays of energy because person’s think of their own life as much more important than the lives of their brothers and sisters. It doesn’t shine because the leftover power just isn’t there. It’s all used up in anxious busyness, taking care of the tedium of life.

“You may think, you cannot afford to spread around what you have. Carefulness with your love energy and physical supply, is often the case, as we may feel there will not be enough for your own needs, a premise proven many times in the past as you went wanting and in need. Not knowing about the grace of God, it is assumed your own resourcefulness, frugality and good management was the sole guarantee of success or at least survival. Certainly prudent action should figure in, but no longer is prudence the principle thing.

“Now a funny thing happened along the way; you were loved by someone sharing light that showed you a better way. A way where that person was not anxious when they, even close to being bereft themselves, they gave all they had at that moment, for your rescue or sustenance. They seemed to have a secret knowing of safe haven that confounded you. You were baffled and intrigued by such selflessness and you from then on, were less concerned as you began too, similar reaching out without the selfish concern. Then occasionally the supply or necessities came with no rhyme or reason, just when you needed them and you saw finally how it all worked. The trust you were starting to use, seemed to release lubrication for life that if not infallible at least was eminently more realistic and workable then the old concern filled existence based on your own devices.

“How does this increased brightness of light energy come about? After a while when you came to the place of having to make a choice of selfless giving, you made that choice and then you made it more often and it became second nature. Many times the gift was simply patience. Somehow the where-with-all was always provided. The feeling of safety, satisfaction, appreciation and joy was so superior to the old way of isolated self-sufficiency that you abandoned such juvenile, complex, worry filled, living. What you were seeing was an increase in the light that was coming from the inner source of the Spirit of The Father. You understood little of this at first, but more and more, you just went with that trusting attitude and the dividends began to be so obvious you came to be solidified irrevocably in the Way of The Father.

“Light is seen as single minded loyalty to the Father, Light is enthusiastic pitching in, unconcerned with being compensated, when need is seen, light is thinking the best regardless of seeming evidence to the contrary, light is confidence in the outcome with many setbacks and no progress in sight, light is friendship offered with no other connection what so ever. Light is helping when help is not deserved. To the ‘so called’ wise of the world these ways of living are seen as naive easy pickings, only to rue soon enough, the foolishness of any other way.

“This is sufficient for this lesson on ‘Being a light to the world’ your teacher is Meloloc working with Serara, The Magisterial Son of assignment for the corrective time for the remake of Urantia.  With regards and pleasure. Domtia”………


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