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Author Topic: Meloloc,Aquireing or Shedding Habits, 9 Sept. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 456 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Acquiring or Shedding Habits
Category: Evil and Sin and Indoctrination Skills
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, las Vegas NV.
9 Sept. 2016, 17:39 Z

Transmitter: Thank you Father for the privilege of receiving these messages! Is there a teaching you would have for us at this time?

Meloloc: “You may begin writing Daniel. Perhaps no more fitting message could be given today then one about making or breaking a good or a bad habit, respectively. For Example: To stop eating so much, to stop procrastinating so much, to go into stillness through out the day more frequently, to pray without ceasing, to study that two hours a day, are typical challenges. Firm self control or the lack of such is what is really the heart of ending or beginning a new behavior. When we see a behavior that is deleterious or we see a behavior that is highly desirable, our need is to generate such a strong aversion or strong desire that the action against, or for, is almost painless, because the resolve is so strong.

“Strong resolve comes from facing the truth. Facing the truth is a private meditative exercise resting on an individual’s cogitation that cements a conviction that the change is possible and that the change Is worth enough that it is going to be adhered to even if it would cost you your life. In other words you no longer want to live if this negative habit is sustained or in the case of something positive, this habit is not begun. Lots of luck if this level of resolve is not reached! The level of resolve is the secret to being willing to: storm the castle, smash the doors, bust the locks, free the prisoners and do or die.

“With the objective enshrined in a new place of utter prominence, a place of inviolate reverence, [not worship but of utter worthiness and esteem], a place of a gold statue of inestimable value [your new habit or freedom from the old negative habit] on a pedestal, which becomes your gift [health, professional competence, whatever] in your possession immediately, upon the commitment to join the rebel forces, who, since they are from The Father, can do no wrong.

“The old regime you are rebelling against, in this teaching synopsis, represents the lack of good behavior you now want to embrace or it is a symbol for all the corrupt, reprehensible system you now repudiate and scorn. In fact you feel so convinced of the unsuitability of the old governance you have committed all your wealth, health and estate. Without this level of patriotic fidelity, you can forget about being a success in the revolt!

“The reason you want to change or begin anew is a vision you received in your sleep one night. In that vision you saw clearly the new behavior modeled to a tee. Your grooming, Tux or Party dress, shoes, hair and manicure, were of such exquisiteness that no eye could turn away from your entrance. All instantly recognized your worth and incredible level of charming polish and training, discerning instantly an entity of outrageous courage and commitment and genuine worthiness. A being that all could see could care less about anything but the very best and had become so invested that only the enterprise was of the slightest concern. This kind of rarified comprehensiveness, yet balanced singlemindedness was taking the breath away of all in attendance.

“You woke and sat up in bed, sweating a little as it had all been so clear and personal. You sat there for many minutes, realizing the meaning and what you should do.  The meaning was that this was serious, you would pass this opportunity only once, it was worth any sacrifice or inconvenience or effort. What you should do, was to stop pussy footing around and sign on for the duration. Habits to be made or broken, small fry in the scheme of things, The Fathers service so prestigious and loaded with exemplary merit, everything was eclipsed that you had ever dreamed of or partially experienced.

“This is your guide teacher and friend, Meloloc in a lesson using metaphor, which can transform, with The Fathers help, your life from this moment forward.  Thank you for your attention and regard of this essay for you inspiration. This is all for now”.


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