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Author Topic: Mother Spirit on Transmitting and What Makes A Good Transmitter?  (Read 293 times)

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Teacher: Mother Spirit
Subject: Transmitting – What Makes A Good Transmitter?
Category: Teaching Mission Skills Including Transmitting
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 08/09/2016 2.47pm (AEST) 12.47 (GMT)

“A good transmission is when you see and hear direct from us. You see how Ron Besser does it and speaks openly, frankly and allows Spirit personalities to speak for him, no matter how embarrassing the content may be for the recipient as concerns him.

“As you see it Sue, it is not eloquent but mostly informative, harsh truthfulness yet with an air of reason as to why we say what we must say.

“Our transmissions coming will no longer be eloquent as you like it to be, they are to be heard well and as properly discerned by the transmitter as in the case of those that get mixed and muddled with a lot of irrelevance.

"The times are approaching fast and there is need of some of you to step in to place yourselves to hear us when the time permits. You know us, you are well versed in understanding the cosmology, language and concepts of the Urantia Book and this helps guide you in step with us as we press forward the goal of getting ready to achieve revelation as it is to be known.

“As your Mother Spirit, I have much to do with the ministering of each of you as you grow in your psychic circles of attaining greater attunement in understanding and wisdom. Those additional adjutant-mind spirits are comprehensive as well as instructive in granting you additional thinking parameters, critical and analytical perspectives as well as coming close to what you have worked with Margot on Sense and Memory as it deals with the grasping mechanism in reach of seeing and knowing what is to be conveyed in your mind. As it is, there is no word for it but sense and memory is the best that comes close for you to perceive it.  Really it is more than that but it goes into that part of intuitive inner knowing, that instinctive realism you know it to be true and functional just as you see water streams down a waterfall and has its impact where it falls.

“Transmitting will comprise a combination of traits and perception as you hear, see and know what it is to be conveyed in real time. Your time is constant and moving forward. Our time is of a construct entirely different as we see outside of your time parameters as much as you see the ocean as vast, we see so many aspect or dimensions of the same. So really,  as we say in time, it is yours, but in our time it is so that we see a flow in a way that has so many projections depending on the choices made in those instances of your time.

“For now, as you receive messages from us it will be relevant in your time, bearing in mind, so much of your potential future is dependant upon the decision you arrive at in the moment you receive it and how you respond to it and your actions thereof.

“In group transmissions, there will no doubt be a collusion of thought as many will come from different walks of life, on various levels of thinking and so on and your task is merely to relay our timely manner of information that is to help foster those decisions that may or may not impact on the way things unfold as pertains to human relations and evolution.

“Speaking of evolution, let us be reminded that your planet is evolutionary and progressing into those early stages of Light and Life. Once it reaches those levels of principle spiritual thought it moves out of evolution and into a progressive state of spiritual attainment, we call Light and Life. Humans will eventually move from the status of Homo-Sapiens into the more progressive Homo-Spiritus where there is but one thing on the minds of individuals as opposed to many things an evolutionary human has to contend with as you do now.

“As it is, transmitting will evolve as you move on in attaining those spiritual levels that we, your Mother Spirit and your ministering spirits, work to foster your growth as you continue in your faith-filled life with your Adjuster. Your Adjuster accompanies you and continue to get you in alignment with your willingness to further the journey onward with the Father in you.

"Transmitting has a lot to do with your willingness to journey with your Adjuster and with allowing us your ministering spirits to adjust you to hear well and speak it well as you will be in need to do for the important work in the Magisterial Son Missions upon your world very soon.

“Your thinking, your understanding, your knowledge, your willingness and your courageous faithfulness in the Father will carry you through the many valleys that lies ahead of you as you have travelled already the darkest of valleys and the lowest of ebbs that any human mortal has done so in all of Nebadon.

“Keep with me, my child, and we will get it working well as you desire it to be done so as you see well what needs to be said and done in the near future.

"Let Jesus speak when he does as he will pave the way forward and the people of Urantia will soon see the real Jesus that he truly is.

“I am your Mother Spirit who directs you to write this and see to it you type this up and get it posted Sue.”

Yes Mother Spirit and thank you.

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