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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Repentence, 5 September 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 314 times)

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Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: Repentance
Category; The Will of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
5 September 2016, 17:25 Z

Transmitter: With joy to be here doing this work, Father, Thank You for your sustaining power for any task or service you give for us to do. Thank you also for life itself here in Nebadon with so many pleasures and opportunities. Is there some communication for recording today for all being schooled here?

“Yes Daniel, you can begin writing. What I would like to teach today, is concerning the subject of ‘repentance’. This is Mansonloran with a new take on this topic, which I think you will see is helpful and needed. In its shortest and clearest meaning perhaps, repentance means to go the other way. It means a 180 degree turn as in: “When she realized it was the wrong day for her appointment, she repented of her errand and returned home”. All intents and purposes of the way you were doing something are now no more and an opposite and complete change of business as usual is the order of the day. You have repented of your previous path. You have forsaken what you once held as valid and made a firm choice to go the other way.

“You all have done this frequently in life, when you came to see the actions and way you were living was counterproductive, in your case as a consecrated Son or Daughter, to the clear leading of The Father. The verity or truth of the matter is that now our lives are one long process of repentance. Everyday our Adjuster using any number of different ways will bring to our attention things we usually do that are really no longer serving us or The Father anymore. This is an ongoing challenge because often we are in love with our habits and lifestyle to the degree that the changes being suggested are stretching our commitment a tad too much. We are just not ready to handle the change on the table at the moment. What do you do about that?

“For the rest of all eternity this issue is foremost before our eyes. The ascension path stimulates you with all kinds of opportunities for growth and at first your lack of imagination maybe has you reticent or timorous about your leaping to embrace so much chance to expand, or expectation of an option, that requires ongoing, consistent and somewhat rigorous commitment. Here is something that may help and provide a way out from this impasse you may be in: Give it up, throw up your hands, write it all off, consign it to the landfill, no longer resist, capitulate, divorce yourself from old concepts, toss in the towel, to any idea, but the clear things The Father is leading you into. Throw yourself on the mercy of, petition the court for a second chance, and most of all realize that you are going to be here, whether valiant or so, so. Valiant is better.

“If the motivation is lacking to do these things requiring courage and fearlessness, a simple request, in plain English, or whatever language you pray in, to The Father, in trust, is sufficient to solve all issues. After this request is made, do the best you can muster each day but expect with full confidence the fulfillment of this you know is His will. This applies to all the things holding you back, such as: lack of interest even though you know this is The Fathers work, lack of consecration, lack of willingness to release wealth or possessions or family tethers, lack of the willingness to experience discomfort or privation, lack of taking this serious, lack of energy to spend each day more on task, lack of The Fathers love to reach out in service to others, lack of joy to be here, lack of appreciation for this opportunity, lack of vision about what all this really means. My concept is that all of the above can be readily addressed.  

“This is my lesson for this teaching session that I feel may be inspiring and helpful for all. Thank You everyone for your considering these things as we develop into the working group, par excellent, for The Father, Father Christ Michael and Creative Spirit of Nebadon, Mother Nebadonia, in service to these Magisterial Missions. Mansonloran saying: Good Day and affectionate salutations”.


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