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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Being aware of the Trinity, 2 Sept.2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 570 times)

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Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: Being aware of The Trinity
Category: Trinity, Paradise Trinity and Trinity of Trinities
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
2 August 2016, 18:43 Z

Transmitter: With the memory of your being there to help in times of need, thank You our Father for responding even before we asked. Is there some teaching you might like to bring to these Corrective time training Forums?

“Yes Daniel, You can begin writing. This is Mansonloran, again here to cover a topic that I want to call; ‘Being Aware of the Trinity’. Recently you have heard Father Christ Michael refer to you coming to work with the trinity and even to call Them your group. I’m sure this to most of you is a new concept, having before considered Them to be too high-up, to off in heaven somewhere to in any way react or relate to Them. Well, this is not the case. The Trinity on Paradise is open and interested in your developing personal friendships, of coming to partner with them as you ascend to the Father for the connection to Havona. In living your day to day life to begin to consider yourself part of a team effort in the service of your work that would be inseparable with the Trinity.

“This is important because this particular group, those on the Teaching Mission List and the Forums and other Corrective Time workers, have a destiny to be a team working with Father and Mother, Christ Michael and Creative Spirit of Nebadon, Nebadonia and the Trinity.  Your connection to the Trinity, will grow and evolve to a place of closeness and deepest friendship that now you can only dream about. We are letting you know about this special place of honor and usefulness as early as we can, ‘now’ so that you can begin the journey of learning about the relationship. In working closely with the Trinity, because of your unique Urantian stamp of the struggle you have endured by choosing Right over the erroneous mainstream Calagastian and Luciferian philosophy saturated thoroughly throughout this planet. You have a perspective that is invaluable as teachers.

“In paper 53 in the Urantia Book is the story of all that happened as the Lucifer rebellion unfolded as a gradual slide, first with subtle innuendo and disloyal murmurings and then eventually to an aggressive stance of opposition to all Father Michael stood for. The foundation of Nebadon, our local universe, was the   pattern that had been proven for millions of years as the way that the Father had given as the true, fair, just and imminently workable path for Fraternal harmony and sustainability. The reasons and causes for this debacle is where we come in. Perhaps you cannot rehearse these ins and outs yet, with any comprehensiveness, but having lived and having been duped by those causes and life styles is your valuable insight.  Most of you wholly embraced the confusing Luciferian; good mixed with bad and felt the effects of the way of get over the way of give.

“You saw firsthand the dysfunction, brought about by the universal principle of self-interest always at the expense of your neighbor. This was unbelievably actually lauded as a wise way to live. You personally suffered the oppression, the inefficiency masquerading as normalcy and thievery even in governments. You saw the perpetuation of animal fear already in your cellular memory that allowed you to easily be controlled and enslaved, but spun as the enlightened status quo. Perhaps most valuable of all is you, yourself, eventually came to reject all of it, You and others at the risk of ostracism and even death in extreme cases, began to live to the beat of a new drummer called total devotion to an unknown Creator and service to humanity as a way of life.  

“This travesty of misrule is almost unheard of and rightly so on the evolutionary planets of the rest of the universe, where from baby hood on, all the experiences are tempered with truth, beauty and goodness. What is extremely important now, that is firmly understood however, is the communication through basic education, of this way of evil and self-will and the sure aftermath to any that would contemplate that path. A path that looks good on the surface. It is a critical, urgently necessary and indispensable part of the tutelage of every son of The Father.

“It is the balance of pro and con, about the two ways of life that must be understood. Our Urantian experience and the experience of the other 36 planets similarly diverted in Satania, now and for all time illustrate an incontrovertible and classic case study of the opposite life style. Even given 200,000 years of full experimentation, it could not be pulled off with happy result. Why it could not work in a million years is the heart of our valuable understanding.

“This brief mention of the relationship with the Trinity will be fully understood as we go along. Much is yet to be explained about the way it works and for now rest in the knowing that there is such a thing. Your being teachers coming from the crucible of rebelliousness that you rejected and overcame is your shining light to the Universe. This is Mansonloran, very pleasantly enjoying this teaching work and my increasing friendship with all of you. With Love and respect! Good Day!"


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