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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Being Transformed, 1 Sept. 2016, Daniel, L V Nev. US  (Read 281 times)

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Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: How To Be Transformed
Category: The Will Of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
1 September 2016, 18:20 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for this time for working with you receiving messages to inspire and enlighten those being trained here at this place. Is there a lesson for all you would like transmitted?

"There is a message you can write today. This is Mansonloran, with much to tell you. If we were to start at the beginning in speaking about the subject of ‘transformation’ you would want to know what area of your life we would be talking about, or would we be talking about the total package, from top to bottom? It is the totality I am talking about. As you look at yourselves you see in your minds eye almost continuous need for revision and makeover. Any area you might examine is one big unfinished, imperfect and immature grouping of ingredients needing finishing or a lot of final assembly. The only area of some perfection most of you could point to with pride is the department called loyalty and dedication to The Father. That you have corralled to the point of very little needing to be completed.

"But the other forty areas of character and personality perfection are at stages of much transitional construction needed for even basic maturity. Some that you are aware of and no doubt consciously asking for help about are: being merciful, being patient, being able to control the tongue, being balanced in the use of time, being wise in the care of the body, being diligent in study, being loving to all around you, being nonjudgmental of all, being kind at all times, thinking the best of all, being optimistic and positive, being wise with resources and people, being imaginative, being creative, being resourceful, being persistent, having initiative, being hardworking, being tough in the face of great stress, [not caving upon discomfort] These are the majority of your challenges you are working with at the moment.

“To have all those qualities of character transformed by fiat actually does take place it would appear, because without conscious effort sometimes you wake up no longer wanting to smoke for instance, or you notice tedious and mundane frustrations caused by others is no longer even a tiny issue and you sit there in complete willingness to comfortably endure however long it takes for a brother to transact their business in the line ahead or one who is delaying you in traffic. These are milestones of personal growth that look like they just happened effortlessly, but the truth is you are witnessing the outgrowth of your confident intention in concert with the will of God that worked the transformation needed.

“I’m addressing the heart of how you are transformed to end up with the character and perfection of someone like Jesus. Here is the answer: are you ready? Here is what you do, you absolutely with utter conviction and faith, get up each day with the knowing that the perfection will take place, that you are willing to pay any price, endure any amount of time, any amount of work, any amount of persistence, any amount of sacrifice that will show up that day. This works in a seemingly miraculous way for your transformation. Your Adjuster is at the ready then, now that you have that necessary sincere attitude, and they will give you digestible chunks of changes you can handle.

“Going cold turkey when your Adjuster knows you are ready, is sometimes put on your plate by that Wise One occasionally but mostly it is small adjustments you can tolerate. Still,  little progress is made without the attitude of committed willingness to subject yourself to whatever The Adjuster has in mind.  So there you have it! The secret to your total transformation; is complete malleability in submission to your adjuster with the confidence in the process containing no doubt of the outcome. You are not daunted in the least because of the massive nature of the job to be accomplished, as you can see it is a gradual unfolding that is eminently workable and that it is a pleasurable lifestyle of service along the way.

“In a good portion of humanity however they are no way near the place of submission we are talking about that makes the transformation begin to rapidly bring those qualities of The Fathers character into reality. But no sweat, most persons, through the exercise of the struggle here and the stimulation of the Morontial life style on the Mansion Worlds, finally come to begin each day, with that attitude of submission. By that I mean; to give themselves over to the kind principles, reasonable expectations and benevolent will of The Father. If not, simply give them another twenty years in kindness, or however much time they need to begin to commence to start to see, comprehend and come around. Few can withstand that species of respectful parenting.

“Thank You, one and all for giving this your attention as it is a formative starting place to have those you will teach, understand just how happily the plan of The Father works and what will take place in their lives upon their choice.   This is Mansonloran your instructor with this small paper about transformation.”


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