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Author Topic: Margot, Pre'Mtor and Sue Whiley on Sense and Memory  (Read 263 times)

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Margot, Pre'Mtor and Sue Whiley on Sense and Memory
« on: September 01, 2016, 01:58 »

Eyes Only

Teachers: Margot, Pre’Mtor and Sue Whiley
Subject: Instructions on How to Sense Imagery
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 27/08/2016 4.48pm (AEST)

“MARGOT Here Sue:

“We broke the ice yesterday and made it lighter for you. Now we will give you instructions –

“Write down what we tell you, no lefts, no rights, just stick to what you hear from us even though you might think otherwise, Never mind, just do it, this is a lesson in getting it down right disciplining yourself to listen and write it and not go off wandering.

“We would like you to see a list we have and you need to visualise it in your mind. Rather than I ramble off the list to you, it would be quicker and easier if you could use your spiritual eyes to see the list and then when you have seen its contents you know the list and write it down.  Can you concentrate, strain your inner eyes to see the paper I have prepared for you to see and tell me what you see. “

What I saw was a paper with bold headers on it but it was at a distance, too difficult to see it clearly rather foggy. Margot told me to think of the dream I had about the child I had last night; a child not even turn one year old was talking like it was an advanced child, more mature than it’s age. She asked me to think of what sense I received from that. So I saw it as a distant time and place of a newer type of children coming through perhaps a near future children development.

Now she asks what sense I got when I saw the paper. “The paper has lots of contents on it but it holds an essence, you can sense it, what do you get?”

Well, because I saw the headers were in bold type and there were lots of them, I sense a boldness coming from it as it was at  a distance, so I sense a distant future boldness emerging, or so I thought.

Margot tried to see if I could sense the contents but I grew tired and she understands that it was exhausting enough for me to even get this far in one sitting.  She asks that I get some refreshment and resume later, which I'll do.  I sense that Margot is conveying to me as well as talking to me and this is an unusual type of commune for me as she tries to get me to see that I have a good skill in sensing spiritually things and she wishes to help me hone my skill into it. That way we not only communicate by speaking but sensing by what is being conveyed. This is due to my increasing psychic circle attainment that I am able to get into the morontial sense of Margot’s steps with me. I'll leave it here for now and get back to this later on. 5.39pm. End.

This subject is continued with Margot the next day on Sense and Memory as follows:
Teacher: Margot, Pre’Mtor and Sue Whiley
Subject: Sense and Memory
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time:  28/08/2016 3.53pm (AEST)

After much thought I have realised that Margot was trying to get the theme to me which I previously thought was boldness but it really is about “sense” – sort of like visualising/glimpsing something/thought that comes into focus as well as getting a drift or an essence to it that gives another dimension to it.

A thought came to me as I read Smudges’s (new member on the forum) introduction of himself about why he uses “Smudge” as his moniker name and I thought of my “fog” in earlier years as to it’s like a fog trying to see things clearly when I was not, at the time, ready or mature enough for it anyway. Sort of like climbing the ladder each step the picture emerges and as you go further and take more steps along the way, the view gets bigger and more to take in and so on. Sense is also sort of like that, only it is peering through the material mind and into some sort of haze and I sense through the haze hearing Margot’s guidance and visualise/sense what she has for me to grasp. It takes an extraordinary amount of concentration and it can be draining but the more I try, the more tuned to it that I know this can be manageable over practice at it.

7.48pm Margot on Sensing –

I saw images of head, arm(s) then a blur…as we convene, Margot hinted on my third eye and I instantly knew what she was referring to, that these images show up as I concentrate and appear in the third eye type of reception. I ask is this now developing in me?

“The third eye sense is to do with your ability to see what is being conveyed to you. You may get an image then all of a sudden you get a related meaning or reference to your memory. It is what is relayed to your memory circuit that is touched on by those images that convey what is prompted to you.

Let's try again, shall we and press yourself harder into concentrating there.”

Later on at 8.15-8.30pm.

We were talking – I concentrated and saw a paper not like the usual but a shimmering light like a flower moving, rotating in various sizes -  it soon came to me the paper comes in various form – then in memory I see the Forum board, the immense archives of stored data that I realise this is what comes with Margot and her wish to indwell me to begin this educational journey with her. I agreed and understood the immensity of what this is. As the Telos are a group consciousness, she is one with this group and they bring with them a wealth of memory and information that is relayed to my memory cells and I am to sense with Margot these cells of so much that is to be told.  Just as the Teaching Mission archives may have over 6000 pages or more stored there, so too do they the Telos and Margot bring in through me.  This bit I am to keep to myself as it is far too overwhelming for others to take. So I understand this and keep this to myself as is wise to do meanwhile I am to let Margot indwell me and find a suitable room in me to get this working well between us.

So I prayed Margot with the permission of Pre’Mtor (I think he smiled anyway) that you may enter and indwell me and with Father’s help that we may work together, collaborate to do this work in education and upliftment work for Urantians.

I pray too that Father Michael and Mother Spirit to enable me to continue in working with Margot in this work of transmission and education to be placed on the Teaching Mission website.

I pray too that we may commune well and get this done well in good faith, in truth and in beauty of all that Father brings to us in our work.

I hear Margot say “Amen” and I too say Amen. 8.47pm

I asked Margot – why me, I am just a humble little soul here? She relayed to be the fact that I am on par with Ron and I am moving up well in my psychic circles so that my morontial insights will improve with Margot in me. I replied, ‘Very well, let's get on with it shall we.”
She responded with a nod and said, “Indeed”.  Anything else you would like to say Margot as I close for the night?

“No, get some rest and let me work in you and give you a dream for you to see my dear.”
Ok thank you Margot.

End. 8.54pm.

[No dream, I slept like a log!]

30/08/2016  4.17pm (AEST) More practice on Sense and Memory continued here with Margot:

Prayer request for Margot and what she has for me regarding the lessons on Memory and Sense (to follow up on last lesson). Here she encourages me to concentrate and sense what comes to mind.

A memory flash – it's a title of a book I know of, Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye, came to me and I told her that is what I got and she said that’s right. [I notice how rapid that just occurred, instantaneous and so I can see how this is transpiring in my receiving this].

5.21pm (AEST) Michael, Mother Spirit and Margot to help me in this work – important to keep practicing with Margot as this is difficult to start with but I will improve in receiving vital information that is needed during the coming crisis and days ahead.

Mother Spirit and her ministering spirits with me to work it well in me. Margot/Telos directly involved from the Father to work it in me to get this to work well. A special project is begun in me.

“Just like Ron with the old photo of Jeb, you too will flash in memory to grasp/sense what it is I have for you to receive, got it dear”

Yes, Margot, thank you.


“Sense and Memory is a unique combination in skill to be used in transmission where you see and you know what it is that we relay to you to write.

“Concentration is the key for you.

“In that cell memory there are many things stored and you only have to sense this out and you pick out what makes sense to you.  Last night you got flashes of faces presented to you and although you do not recognise them, you know they are faces of people you will know later on.  This is in your memory cells and you are gaining that skill to tap into with sensing and being aware of these images brought forth into your mind and you become conscious of it with your sensing mechanism. That is what occurred last night.

“It happens instantaneous, the speed of which information astonish you and you got that sense too.

“This morning you write this with my voice in your mind as you make sense with me.  This is the intuitive abilities you are oiling up in you to get it working in a fine-tune with me aiding and assisting you in doing.

“The resource of memory is vast and contains the equivalent of much info that is useful for you to disseminate in the years ahead for you to transmit and you and I will progress into this resourcefulness to be placed for public consumption when deemed appropriate. It is the skill here you are learning to use that is of utmost importance to be doing and we (your Thought Adjuster, Pre’Mtor, Margot, you and a number of ministering spirits) are teamed to be working it with you, now that you are tapping into this understanding of Memory and Sense mechanism.

“Master Spirit Siraya and Aya are working too with us to see to it that the Father is active in this role in getting a number of Urantian humans up to this ability and to transmit vital information that is necessary to impart very soon.  But for now, you are to remain with us and keep at it practicing even through the interim whilst Jesus and Monjoronson do their part in making their mark felt to the public while you stay low and quiet practicing and writing what comes to you in the meantime.

“This practice will bear fruit and it will become a well-oiled wheel where transmissions will come in a different mode and operation as you receive lightning fast data and resource that is for you to take down and get it edited and put out for the public to see and learn.

“Much practice will make perfect, my dear, and I will be with you each step of the way and here I let it be known that is the case with you Sue as you are learning quickly to grasp this new way of receiving as it not only is it transferred by voice but by sense/grasping the spiritual imagery that flashes in your mind and it takes a well cognizant, conscious and spiritual mortal such as yourself to do it justice to receive such input.”

[Thank you Margot for explaining it better here with me and I do take it on board with you, as difficult as it may be at times, but it does comes to me and I am aware of this new mechanism that Spirit is working it in me. Much thanks to Mother Spirit and her many ministering spirits at work here with us.]

“Yes, Sue it is important that you relax as when you concentrate too hard you sometimes lose the connection. Let it come to you and ride it with ease as I am here to see that you grasp what comes and you tell me what you see and we will discuss this in writing as we continue in practice”

[Yes, will do, thank you Margot, somehow as I write this it felt like I saw the sentence in advance before I even write it]

“That is because you are picking up speed with us and it is apparent what it is to write here Sue and we are delighted with your progress so far.  Matter of fact, kind of surprised that it is getting this far as we thought it would be much harder for you to pick this up at first”.

[Yes, I see what you say and understand how difficult this can be for any mortal. But it is due to the skill in receiving voice transmissions and I also see the conceptual ones that can be received as well and it is not difficult to also include those flashes of memory and sense the input from these too.  So I kind of put the two and two together and realise the immense inroads of ways to receive much in such a short amount of time.

The only thing slowing it down is how to speed up writing it! Maybe I'll need to write it in short-hand before long. But even that I can't do as it won't read well later on. So I'll just keep at what I know works best and do it this way as I do now.]

“No worries, you will get the hang of it and writing it will flow as it sits in your mind lingering until you get it down. You see, you know and you write what makes sense to you. Does that make sense to you Sue?”

[Yes, thank you]

“Thank you, let us have a break, you get refreshed and we will continue this later today when you are ready my dear.”


“Now consider this: you got the sense on plants, on propagation, on how to regrow them to bring about more plants, mainly for food.  That is a good sense. You got another sense, but you walked upstairs and can't remember it, it's gone, that is how instant it is. Never-mind trying to remember as it will come to you later but for now let us refresh and begin anew with other ones shall we.”

[pause to concentrate]

As I relaxed into a quiet breathing moment, someone downstairs dropped something that made a loud crashing sound. Margot spoke, “see how that sound affects you, it reverberated through you so profoundly.” [yes, I agreed with her]

I noticed how it was like ice breaking through the soft melodious calm I was in and it had a disturbance to my flow, so much so it reverberated throughout all my cells. It jolted me to awareness in the now, however I was still in the moment in listening to Margot speaking softly in my mind. I was aware of two things actively occurring – the inner work and the outside world of life continuing on unabated seemingly unaware of my absence from it.

I asked Margot if there is any info to be had here, she asked me what topic comes to mind and I thought what about the Circle of Infinity? She said to me “..that while that is a one topic you would take but it is not to be revealed as of yet until later on as it is an advanced subject to get into.  It will be expanded on in the new Urantia Book later. It is best to pick topics that is more relevant for people to absorb now than those ones that are too complex and advanced for them to take in as of yet.” [which I understood what she meant]

“It is far better to aim low and relevant for people to take in and the lessons we impart will show that in the beginning.”

So what I sense now is relevant in this case?

“ Yes, we aim for that for the purpose of getting it better understood and grasped by those who are keen to learn and take in what we are trying to convey in spirit”

[So we discussed what would be the first topic to discuss to begin with]

“Sue, the first one is concerns with teaching how to listen to the voice within and so to encourage the inner life to grow for people on this planet to be aware of that is in them a potential.

“When one learns to listen as you notice even the sound of something dropping on the floor reverberates through you, so too does it so for those who come to be aware that a voice does speak in their mind if they wake to realise it is truly the Spirit and not what they thought was themselves imagining it.

“As soon as one recognises this voice, they can readily accept and realise a growing reality of Spirit in them.

“Listening is the key that unlocks the door to revelation in step with the universe to which they belong to and yearn to grow in all the while as they discover the God within.

“For many of you it took stages of awareness for it to be known in you until you came to accept the truth in you.  It is when you were further cemented in your faith as you read the Urantia Book and come to fully be educated upon the revelation of the Thought Adjuster’s role in your life as you journey in your mortal existence on an evolutionary world.

“As such it is an evolutionary process as you gain those steps in perception, intuition and wisdom, your understanding is fully enriched in the life of faith as you accept wholeheartedly the truths that ring true to your very being. You know it is so and you hear it well in yourself what is true and good, for what God brings is good to you as it ought to be.

“As you listen, it is a well known fact, you receive without doubt the truth of who you are in relation to the Spirit in you. No one can take this away from you as it is your will to be associated and aligned with the truth that you are a Son and Daughter of God.

"And so in closing this missive on the topic of listening, it is one that comes to those who seek the meaning of their life and the purpose thereof.  The Thought Adjuster brings this into focus for you and so it is active in bringing about yourself in light of who you are in this vast universe that stares in your wake.”

[I saw a flash of many stars, galaxies and constellations and knew that we are not alone in the universe and we are all to fully appreciate the truth that is in us.]

“Yes, you are a child of the universe, my dear and you and many of you will learn to grow in your new found role as citizens thereof the kingdom of God.”

[Indeed so, thank you Margot and Pre’Mtor for this wonderful lesson on Listening To The Voice Within.]

“Thank you Sue for taking the time to listen with us and we will continue in many more lessons/topics of interest to come.”

End. 9.11am.

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