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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Justice is Graciousness, 31 August 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 317 times)

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Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: Justice and Graciousness
Category: Justice
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
31 August 2016, 17:43 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for the blessing of Your availability when we come at any time for contact, love and reassurance. Thank You for creating us to be with You in this adventure of service. Is there a lesson You would like to have transmitted today?

Mansonloran: “Yes Daniel, you can begin typing. Never before this time when the communication circuits are wide open for messages, lessons and teaching can so many Teachers of all kinds have access to delivering, with direction from Their Leaders, new information to help with the maturing of those being trained here. One subject that is inseparable with this category on justice is: Graciousness. Youknow when we are in the presence of a gracious person. They first of all exude interest in your story and present life. Next you would find they would consistently give you the floor and allow you with comfort to explain and expound freely about your enthusiasms. They above all would accept you as you are in your present level of development, even being humble enough to listen with patience and without judgement to things you might need to get off your chest.

“Graciousness comes across as courtesy in embracing you, without noticing what might be your peculiar dress and customs. In other words giving honor and respect in a gesture of interest and curiosity. Graciousness shows itself in the sharing of similarities or common experience that builds bridges of connection for relating. A gracious being gives undivided attention as able, showing this in eye contact, touch and attentive listening. The being together with a gracious one, inspires the other as the high estimation of your worth and value is unmistakably communicated. Faux pas are ignored and gaffs made light of. The epitome of graciousness is the meeting much later, where your love is so true, all details are remembered and there is no gap felt in the time apart.

“Being sincerely gracious is one of our most powerful tools in winning others to a very rapid assimilation into the family group. When a new acquaintance feels genuine acceptance without reservation, there are few things more appreciated by the human race. A gracious person has nonexistent interest in bringing you around or having an agenda for your make over. Not a bit of interest is shown in pointing out your shortcomings because they know The Father has them well in hand.  The idea is clearly put across that they feel you are well on your way and need no assistance as such wit and intelligence is in evidence that your success is a foregone conclusion. This is true if one will only look. Omissions are forgotten, extra accommodation for your special needs is attempted to be given. Graciousness is seen in those who are uninterested to recount their own personal triumphs or exploits.  Conversation is used to bring out the personal exploits and triumphs of others.

“Being patient when it is not deserved is one of the most generous actions that can be given as a gift and almost as rare as lack of self-vaunting, which is another characteristic of a gracious personality. Those who are beginning to know God, marvel at the graciousness in every aspect of all He Does. His quick forgiveness and solicitation when only cursory attempts at reform are in evidence is a major motivator in any beginning to know Him. His fulfilling request for our relief, even though little is shown in respect or devotion to Him, has us later marveling in appreciation.

“The root and repository of all graciousness is The Father, whose foundation is outgoing concern for all even when only miniscule worthiness is peeking through. His thinking the best, expecting the best, knowing the best and trusting us for the best draws us to Him finally, in glad feelings of security and comfort, for relationship. Why? This is Because we come to trust His dependable; justice, kindness and mercy, no matter what! That no matter what part, is the ingredient that then fixes our bond of family togetherness. This is Mansonloran with some insights for you to ponder and when you have the chance, evidence in your life”!


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