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Author Topic: Meloloc, Celestial Workers, 30 August 2016 Daniel, L V Nev.  (Read 294 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Celestial Workers
Category: General Discussion
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
30 August, 2016, 19:15 Z

Transmitter: In this morning of happiness because of knowing You are there, Thank You Father that there is no fear with any basis we need worry about. We trust you implicitly that all coming each day is right for us. Is a message or lesson for all to be transmitted at this time?

Meloloc: “Yes you can begin writing. Now is the time, here is the place, this is the medium, for a message that is intended for the inspiration of all those now being trained on these Mission forums. To illustrate the magnitude of the Corrective Time effort: conservatively, If we were to have a special gathering that would be composed of all the Celestial workers come at the request of Christ Michael, the Rose Bowl football stadium in Pasadena California that holds 60,000 persons would be one of approximately 100 stadiums required to accommodate those assisting in the Corrective Time. You can see the challenges He and Mother are facing to coordinate that kind of team. You can see also how that number of beings dispersed all over the world could be very adequate help to make circumstances as favorable as possible.

“The free choice of humanity is Our largest circumstance of unpredictability that makes each day an unfolding patchwork of progress and delay, fulfillment and blockage. These workers of many specialties and vast experience are even now in the areas they will work in, becoming more familiar and ready for what is coming. What is coming is a colossal coordinated orchestration that will slowly address everything as soon as it is possible. All areas of civilization at this time will be highly agitated or stirred.  In the many ways effective to bring an examination by all of the way they live and the whys and wherefores of the mess called Urantia. Now upon the public announcements of the Return of Jesus and the Magisterial Mission being visible, first on the television media and then with the three physical headquarters [York, Western Canada and China] will come progress.

“The troubles of interruption of some degree of economic stability will get everyone’s attention. Then the beginning of physical trauma concerning geologic plate changes and volcanism will do the rest to impact all peoples on earth to a sufficient level that serious attention is paid to the basic subject: what is God? What does all this uncomfortable change mean? These millions of Celestial helpers at this time will fill the need from the sidelines to be there in addition to the Adjusters, to provide guidance through circumstances in a way to be most effective for public understanding.

“In the face of all the troubles in the beginning, before very long a phenomenon will be seen around the earth of a strong brotherhood of helping, of resilience and resourcefulness, in all peoples. They may not comprehend much of what or why or how yet, but they will be inspired to have a positive attitude to pitch in, having a hope they don’t quite understand. This is the result of the pouring out of additional spiritual power of love for all that we were told about recently to work in conjunction with the Celestial contingent. All the Celestial volunteers are on the job, to aid this positive mindset coming about. The summons constantly in the television communications from the Magisterial Mission will include plenty of reference to the basic missing ingredient in Urantian life, which is contact and acknowledgement of The Father. Without circumstances of discombobulation of a pretty harsh amount, the massive reset would not take place.

“What do the Celestial Workers distributed worldwide actually do? A good example would be: They would be at the shoulder invisibly of very many excellent, honest, experienced, serving individuals that are a portion of any community. The nudging and feelings of rightness that would come over those individuals upon their choosing the path to the restoration of peacefulness, sustainability, respect and worship of God is an important work They do. The retelling of this story of Mission work will reveal how necessary and even vital this kind of personal, detailed service was. No hamlet will be too humble to not find Them there.

“The explanation of the facts of how the Magisterial Sons Mission and other Missions work, We felt was important to have you aware of. It is nothing but love in action. The complexion of the evolving refurbishment will change rapidly all the time. As things are accomplished a new phase will start, then another phase will start. Then another period, to be tailored to the new time of growth. Our Celestial Brothers and Sisters will have many roles with the different needs, as growth takes place. You that I am speaking to on these Forums will work with and will communicate with these colorful volunteers and it will be highly educational for you and Them. This Is Teacher Meloloc in confidence as I bring to all, more of the way of the Father, in this case concerning the Magisterial Missions. Good Day!


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