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Author Topic: Mantutia, What Is Necessary, 28 Aug. 2016, Daniel, L V Nev. US  (Read 336 times)

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Teacher: Mantutia Melchizedek
Subject: What Is Necessary?
Category: Melchizedek Teachings and the Corrective Time
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
28 August 2016, 18:03 Z

Transmitter: With joyful feelings of appreciation Father, I come in anticipation of the close communion You have offered to all at any time. Thank you for this friendship and guidance, you have so kindly given to every one of Your Children. Is there a teaching or lesson for our inspiration today?

Mantutia:” Yes, Daniel my brother, my friend, you can begin listening and typing when you like. Today certainly we have been closer to the public announcements than ever. The patience and calm you build by all of the waiting and believing serve to give each of you a new resilience. It is way of approaching life that you will now enjoy forever on your path to The Father. It is a confident abiding that has a security you always looked for in your physical life. You made investments, you paid into retirement funds, you hid a nest egg for a rainy day, you accumulated a home you mostly paid for all in a quest to be able to relax finally for a breather you hoped.

“The honest assessment of all that effort was in too many cases a chasing after wind. Maybe the retirement fund went broke before you had enough time in to use it or the Cisco stock became worth about 5 cents on the dollar, $75,000 down the tubes. From the day you were born, unknown to you, you were as secure as a baby in the nursery. The perception of extreme insecurity was useful however as you worked with resolve and diligence, your character and toughness and strength grew by bounds because of that experience to attempt to get it all together. Your regularity and dependability became mature and fixed, your honesty in all your dealings was solidified, your kindness and empathy was made an inviolate part of your working with all your family and friends. Subjecting a human to the life of struggle pursuing predictability and comfort has its praise worthy benefits.

“What happened to most of you on this forum though thankfully was a journey to trusting without depending on your own devices. You’re not stupid or lazy so of course you respond to opportunities for maintaining the status quo, but none of it was really necessary. That over the top effort to keep even with the neighbors, was no longer the paramount motivation you knee jerk obeyed as priority # 1. You came to see the best retirement fund in the world was a concept called; ‘Putting The Father First’. Not kind of first but very first. Before you would always take that extra work offered even if it interfered with the study, service work and worship you were doing.

“No more, the insight came that all such distractions were missing the point of being about The Fathers business. You realized at last that truly, serious, serendipitous over care was now in place that you actually could trust with no evidence whatsoever. Now you made choices fearlessly to step out into completely unknown futures because somehow the way of God was understood. Upon consecrated, dedicated commitment, the whole ball of wax [supply for sustenance] was going to be available. No concrete proof needed.

“What came about though was that this new confidence was immediately tested over and over and in many cases you took large step downs in standard of living to see if you were really serious. What a revolting development. Here you dedicated all with total capitulation and then you’re still are in circumstances of some, privation. I’m not talking about fanatical cave dwelling monkhood. You’re willing to work hard for taking care of minimal physical business, yet a 180 degree change took place to choose always the fathers work over security. Then, you notice serendipitous circumstances begin to be in evidence, why? So you could spend your time in service and spiritual development. You could care less about a comfortable life now seeing the true value of service to The Father over everything.

“If you have a comfortable sustenance because of diligent discipline over the decades this is a critical juncture concerning whether that backup of security will turn your head. The rich young ruler would not have had to sell all and give to the poor, he just would have been sincerely willing to do that. To be able in his mind, to  completely utterly write off the power and riches of his position, successfully  divorcing himself from any care or interest other than to use it to do The Fathers work, was the problem.

“No way was he ready to do that. The Urantia book showed that very happily later he did come to do something similar to that as he was a powerful and effective worker in the early church. Trouble is; forever he wrote off the opportunity offered to him that day to be an associate apostle and all the growth and adventure that meant. That opportunity for service and association was worth a thousand times all the houses and estates and money he so valued.

“This is Mantutia Melchizedek, I am very happily working as the immediate supervisor of all of you on the Monjoronson, Serara Forums. I am filled with joy at my tasks. This new adventure of having all of you as associates in the Magisterial Sons Mission is beyond satisfying and fulfilling for me personally, as we see you courageously respond and it does take courage. Good Day to you all”.


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