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Author Topic: Meloloc, What is Revelation, 24 August 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 314 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: What Is Revelation?
Category: Revelation, New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV. US
24 August 2016, 23:37 Z

Transmitter: In loving appreciation of Your love for us and gratitude for the creation You are sharing with us, I am here with only respect and happy confidence. Is there some message that You would have transmitted today?

Meloloc; “Yes you can begin Daniel. Our message today is concerning the need of all here on these Forums to understand what is meant when we say:  Revelation coming from God. No one doubts the scriptures compiled into the Bible, and the many other scriptures by other authors, authentically contained Revelation. The challenge in a civilization dominated by the Calagastian legacy was that the Revelation came through with an almost stuttering effect and the truth of any of the writing was only gleaned by much difficulty.

“Mixed with the genuine word of God were all kinds of extraneous material needing much discernment. A seeker needed to know the culture of the authors, a thorough knowledge of the language used, and lots of historic perspective. This method of delivery of revelation worked however because It was commonly understood, and this is true, that there was a supernatural element. The student that was sincerely looking into that scripture with a spiritual thirst for truth and a humble attitude, would by the working of the Spirit of God, come to truly understand the part of the scripture that was valid for them.

“My point by stating the obvious above is that since the advent of the Urantia Book, humanity has been given the priceless truth containing very much of the information about the story of God, without clutter, in a Revelation—The Urantia Book-- that can be trusted to have come straight from Celestial authors.

“Now with the advent of the Corrective time, on purpose, great volumes of additional Revelation are coming into the lap of humanity. This is since approximately 1991, when Christ Michael/Jesus instituted what he called the Corrective time. Begun subsequently, was the human team effort known as the Teaching Mission. This is composed of open and willing students who were and are given the gift of hearing Celestial teachers. They subsequently have compiled, accessible to anyone, at the web address of-, a free Archive with thousands of pages of sound and many times fresh new perspectives that elaborate on the understandings of the most authoritive scripture on earth, the Urantia Book.  

“This trustworthy and extremely detailed Archive- elaborates specifically on living a life for God and the meaning of modern happenings as now the second return of Jesus signals the public beginning of the Magisterial Mission. This has already begun behind the scenes for some years. A Magisterial Sons Mission is given at approximately this stage of humanities development on all evolutionary planets and is precursor to the next level of human progress, the coming elevated state of Urantia’s civilization, called the time of Light and life. The archives of received messages are the fleshing out of information to bring the citizens of Urantia quickly to understand what is happening.  

“These receivers of messages are known as Transmitting and Receiving persons ‘T/Rs’. These are students of all scripture but especially the Urantia Book. This new treasure trove of revealed teachings——resulted from the teachings received in the last 25 years in addition to and completely compatible with, the Urantia Book. These very recent teachings came from the Heart and Soul of God, through literally hundreds of beings of Divine origin. Along with those Angelic and Spirit Teachers, working simultaneously with just as much validity, are those like myself, [Meloloc]. We are experienced and thoroughly tried former mortals, on the ascension path, now teachers on the spirit side, who had their origin here on Urantia or other planets of our local star system known as Satania.

“They with candor and long personal experience as mortals, speak on subjects of enlightenment especially pertinent to this exact time. In the same manner right now, as I am speaking through this scribe, giving this short essay, this is tailored Revelation that will be useful for those that will be drawn to this site and who know almost nothing about what is going on. We welcome any that might be here for the first time! If this resonates with you, almost surely you are meant to join with us in the most far reaching and important work ever in our long uncertain history. The Corrective Time will set Urantia on the track of rapid developmental progress, interrupted by the tragic Lucifer Rebellion of now approx. 230,000 years in the past.

“The timing of all this is immediately imminent because of deteriorating and critical circumstances. This is Meloloc with confidence in the glorious outcome of this intervention of the Monjoronson, Serara Magisterial Sons Mission. An outreach under the leadership of the sovereigns of the local Universe of Nebadon, Father and Mother, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, Creative Sons and Daughter, placed here by our Father in Paradise..... Meloloc, Good Day to all!”


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