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Author Topic: Meloloc, Universe Records, Fathers Mentoring,24 Aug.2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 350 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Universe Records, Fathers Mentoring
Category: Brotherhood of Man and Citizenship
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV,
24 August 2016, 16:55 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for the encouragement you give every day for our expansion and reminder of Your being there, right here within, without sleep or pause, forever! If the time is appropriate, is there some communication from anyone you would like transmitted?

“Yes Please begin, We want to say today how our heart is full with gratitude to our Father. This is your brother and Teacher, Meloloc.

Universe Records “In the archives of the universe, in what is known as the akashic records, there is an account, if you can believe this, of every conversation ever uttered by anyone in the vast universe, every whisper between a newly married husband and wife, every promise any adjuster ever uttered in response to a prayer, every beginning word of the 6 month old, and all the last words uttered by those expiring and still in lucidity. It also contains the actions as it were in holographic type preservation of all that has ever happened and all of this with permission and the knowhow to access, can be viewed to set history straight or find the real truth if needed.

“This fact is one of the most comforting bits of knowledge we can know. All of our not so proudly remembered experiences along with our most revered memories can be seen, most are allowed to sit there harmlessly. The means of keeping this is totally secure and inaccessible to any, except by special permission. The vast majority of the record is unimportant and useless for any purpose, minutia consigned to history. I mention this in passing only because there will come a time when we are counseling for our placement on the mansion worlds or concerning assignments for our ascension career and often the truth about a certain circumstance is important to review for the peace of mind and the encouragement of the moment. How priceless is this record at these times.

Fathers Mentoring “In the day to day experiences you all are having, I hope you notice and appreciate The Fathers tender care. We guides and adjusters are utterly steeped in the founding principles of our occupations, and that is to consistently and persistently press you forward toward maturity. Fathers love is  palatable and melded in every one of our actions. I explain this, as our role is, shall we say, just a tad unappreciated by almost everyone at first and even old-timers forget now and then. The consistency of attention is a gift of gargantuan proportions. Think where you would be on your own.

“A doctor in training takes on a 7 year course of study and mentoring and then internship and the support is good, but nowhere as good as what each of you are enjoying at this second. Now fast forward to the place of growth and maturity where approx. the 1st circle out of your seven has been attained by your more and more selfless, loving and serving choices, and now you can begin a mentoring relationship that blows out of the water, the best coaching set up you can think of in professional sports. Now conversation, 24/7 is beginning to take place and the source of the guidance is none other than, the smartest one in the Universe: Father!

“My purpose today is to help all of you appreciate the true circumstances of what reality is. Now any character lack, any health condition, any supply shortfall, any knowledge desired, any creative solution wanting, any service opportunity longed for, is yours for the asking and simply waiting on The Father’s timing for it to manifest. There is no unique desire you have ever entertained, for doing or having any experience of right universe behavior, that The Father would not love you to enjoy, None.  No matter how outrageous or unheard of!  Oh, one more ingredient is necessary: your complete, total, undiluted, without reservation, confidence, or faith. Piece of cake!

“This is Meloloc in a state of jubilant rejoicing about how everything is. Domtia, Namaste, Aloha”………….
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