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Author Topic: Meloloc, Constant Equilibrium, 22 Aug.2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 393 times)

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Eyes Only

Subject: Constant Equilibrium
Category: The Will of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
22 August 2016, 17:15 Z

Transmitter:  At this time of worship, coming to You with respect and adoration, Thank You Father for the privilege of being alive and in Your presence! Is there some message or lesson for all today?

Meloloc: “Yes there is! We can never get enough of the contact with The Father, or of contact with His previously created children that have been around for billions of years, or the contact with His Creator Son and Daughter, Our local Creators! For us to know about and feel the presence of so many legions of brother and sister Angels, of Local and Super universe Administrators, of so many legions of Beings with specialized and general talents, of so many in the rarified Family of God from Havona, all dedicated to helping with our expansion, development and maturation, who could be in the least downhearted or pessimistic at any moment? But there are such and I have been such.

“If you are like I have been at one stage of my development, -I am a teacher and guide but also an ascending mortal born on a planet in Santania- my week was a rolly coaster of elation then depression, then encouragement and then in the dumps. It was a long time coming, that nothing, absolutely nothing could happen to dampen my outlook, my enthusiasm, my positive confidence in the wellbeing and unassailable rightness of every tiny circumstance in the universe.  I knew and now know of, circumstances that if they are not altered or adjusted soon, all manner of havoc will most likely ensue. At least my past experience, knowing how things work, warns me such will usually be the case! How do we deal with this most foundational problem [doubt and fear] of mortal ascenders like you? Lets look at a possible solution.

“These are some basic statements for us to etch in our heart, that are as true as the millennium is long and that address this challenge. They are: ‘The over care of The Father is flawless’!  ‘The timing of The Father has never ever been off’! ‘The trustworthiness, fairness and justice of The Father has never once failed’!  What has happened is that our view of the account of what happened, in our immaturity, short sightedness and ignorance, has made it look like it has. Like there is something  rotten in Denmark. Because of this misunderstanding, all the troubles of all time can be chalked up to a misapprehension of maleficence, we miss judge something to be wrong.  We ascending or descending Beings, have been known to go off halfcocked in a judgement of the Families business that leaves us in the dust of history, picking ourselves up to begin again, but now setback in our path by our lack of trust.

“These confident affirmations above we can assimilate in our DNA. They are the heart of our solution, but the rest of the story is to educate ourselves. To begin a wide ranging, voluminous, utterly eclectic, deep and wide, thorough and systematic education of all history, all science, all medicine, all astronomy, all physics, all engineering, all botany, all physiology, all chemistry, all everything everywhere!  Why is a bachelor of arts, Masters and Ph.D. on steroids, that takes eons to complete the hallmark of all Finaliters? Because that is the icing that makes their infallibility similar to the Fathers infallibility!  

“They know it all, they become omniscient. Can you begin to grasp why the path to being a Finaliter is generally a billion or so years in most cases?  Can you see how the teachings of the University of the history of Satania's challenges regarding loyalty, about Urantia, are such a valuable aspect of the educational path of all from here on?

“For your enlightenment about these aspects of The Fathers character and way of life, this is your friend teacher and guide, Meloloc, signing off for now with joyful feelings of affection for each of you. Domtia”…………


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