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Author Topic: Meloloc, What Is True Religion, 22 Aug.2016, Daniel, Las Vegas, NV.  (Read 251 times)

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Eyes Only

What is True Religion?
Category: The Will of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
22 August 2016, 6:41 Z

Transmitter: In appreciation for your love for us and life itself, Father, is there a message for us today?

Meloloc: "Yes, you can begin writing.  My intention is to cover the subject of: ‘Religion’. In your understanding as a mortal on Urantia at this moment, religion means the regular worship in some manner of some Deity. The Urantia book teaches that true religion is simply a dedication to and acceptance of, the principle of yourself or any one, coming to realize that they are from this moment on, a child of The Father. This mortal, in full good standing, and though imperfect in many ways, by the capitulation of one’s life, as one of his family with the indispensable ingredient of childlike trust, you are evermore instituted as a qualified child of His. This is, in its most basic form, true religion.

The trappings of usual religion, with ceremonies and rote reciting of scripture or favorite prayers, coupled with observation of specific days and times to commemorate historically memorable happenings, misses the point of simplistic uncluttered observation and respectful affirmation of the foundational: ‘here I am Father, an empty vessel, open and listening, Your will be done.’ This basic religious premise is in full acceptance and validity, even and especially when you are standing in the aisle of the city bus or the crowd on the elevator, or sitting on the bench under the tree or the private hours in the automobile.  This is the full unadorned practice of true religion that meets in full, the regimen of The Father!

“In the practices we see around us in the many religions, we can notice those in an effort to show adoration, worshiping by many practices, in sincerity and heartfelt service to God. We observe them perhaps carefully following a cumbersome practice that is undeniably unfeigned. We only praise this effort and acknowledge this as the unknowing, but truly acceptable worship of The Father. We join them heartily, in friendship, completely seeing their whole heartedness, including them in our full fellowship, without censure, as all will come to the simplicity before long. Meanwhile we model a better more direct and uncomplicated way.

“The true religion of The Father with its sole requirement and only rite being: service to others, is the refreshing destiny of those coming to a true relationship of friendship with the Being Who is: “all of everything”, -knowingness-power-omnipresence-mercy-goodness-kindness-magnanimousness-joyfulness-trustworthiness and consideration and who subsequently actually calls us a: “full son or daughter”!

“This is Meloloc in unmitigated happiness to discuss these things. Domtia!”


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