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Author Topic: Fusion, Urantia, the Planetary Supreme and God the Supreme  (Read 316 times)

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Eyes Only

Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Fusion, Urantia, the Planetary Supreme and God the Supreme
Category: The Universal Father and Father Fragments
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time:  22/08/2016 7.47am (AEST) 17.47 (GMT)

Fusion cannot be put in or described in words, it is a relationship born out of love for another, it is where heart, mind and soul meet in union with, in conjunction with, in alignment with, in willingness in and in being adjustered to love and serve not of oneself but of the one that gives of itself and cannot contain the love therein. It must be shared and given over in serving the better good of other than oneself.

Fusion is where we meet and become the loving personality that gives of itself and is understanding why there is need to continue in the goal in perfection. As the Universal Father is perfect so do we continue into being perfect as He is perfect. Perfection is being compete in oneself, we are perfecting as we go until we are in the receiving circle of infinity to be trinitized in the Paradise Trinity in unison and recognition of the three existential deities that is at our core of our being; the Father in us; the Son that is eternal and the Spirit which is infinite and good in all that we are as one whole unified and complete trinitized personality.

Fusion is where you the mortal self come into marriage with the Spirit of the Father in you, it is also a trinity process where your Father, you as a Son of God and your Spirit become aligned in understanding your place in the universe call to be perfect as He, the existential being, is perfect.

You my dear are so close to fusion, I am with you as you reach out and call upon me to attain such a process. This is where you begin to hear with clarity and see with the eyes of the universe in your mind as you are open to the universe circuits operating in you.

[I feel no different to yesterday, just another day, only I am off from work for two days to rest and recuperate and it is strange to sit in quiet contemplation on all that has been with a strange smile on my face in knowing that I am really a dead woman walking and it is in you I exist and have my being, dear Father]

Yes, that is so and you are right in your contemplation. It is good to sit still and gather your thoughts as this is where you see the meanings thereof and how you value these moments that passes by you. It is in these moments that you see the value of highest good. Before, you were working behaving like a chicken with its head cut off and that is useless to you; it is when you stop and sit for a while and see the sunrise, hear the birds sing and smell the crisp cool air that you feel alive and you know it so.

[Yes Father, it is so good to just be with you, what else can you tell me in relation to fusion Father?]

Fusion is very rare upon your planet, only two you know have done this. Ezekial (from Old Testament fame) and Ron Besser are the two that have reached this. One went up in chariots of Fire, the other has fused and remain here in his extended life to work on staff with the Magisterial Son Mission and with the Jesus Mission as well.  Few of you on this forum is reaching your psychic circles completion and pretty soon you will come to be fused with your Adjuster as you are in the process of so soon.

[But I thought RonB has transmitted some time ago that I would not be fusing until later, what is going on, Father?] 

Yes, that was some time ago and it is because of the extraordinary work some of you are doing that it is with your Adjusters you are tuning into that has helped speed up the process of being adjusted in your thoughts with the Spirit of who you are in relation to the Paradise Trinity. You are in essence progressing into your morontial circles with rapid speed because you have disciplined yourselves so highly to keep in tune with the spiritual circuits in you. Also your Adjuster in you (as I am here) is working hard to see to it that you reach those levels acceptable for you and your Thought Adjuster to align quickly sooner than later as it is needed to have more fused mortals to work on staff with the Magisterial Son. The more we have, the better able the Missions can have prime Urantians that better represent Urantia at this time in Urantia’s long history of rebellion and isolation. 

Urantia sorely requires better representation of candidates that can safely speak on behalf of Urantia and the only ones that can do that is the ones who survived her arduous and contentious history and lived to tell the story in a better light as a fused mortal of this sphere.

Urantia will soon be a university planet – a university to study the Lucifer Rebellion and the Urantia legacy.  Urantia holds the key in unlocking so much that can be learned from the resultant behaviours that derives from such a rebellion and its aftermath of so many defaults that caused your planet so much pain and havoc as is experienced up until now.

When you are fused with me your Adjuster, you will see Urantia in a spotlight different to what you have previously have seen her to be.  You will see her as the Planetary Supreme that will soon lift up her banner to be seen and heard by her constituents.  When this occurs, there is no doubt she will come into her element and work in tandem with God the Supreme as is the mechanism wherein the call to perfection is the same as any evolutionary creature is called to fulfil the Father’s mandate to “To be you perfect as I am perfect”.

[Yes, so true and I see this is a mechanism the whole universe operates on, is it not?]

Yes, the entire Universe of Universes operates on this mandate so much so that your planet is out of kink in relation to the universal norm.  It is this out-of-kink style that the Father has called many to come to the aid of getting your planet and the other 36 apostate planets back in line with your sister planets and systems so that the Supreme can better align all things in relation to what is best and good for all involved.

[Yes, I kind of see a whole machine in operation with a chain dragging tin cans along that halts it’s momentum and so it has to be that chain needs to be addressed before long, otherwise it stalls the process of evolution in time and space.]

Yes dear, it is so and we together can address this with your help and willingness to align with me to get this chain removed eventually and see the mechanism move in the safe waters of light and life as all other sister systems do and it is only fair that it is so for your planetary system to be catching in the wings of the Supremes’s work of completing her cycles of perfection.

[Thank you Father for this dialogue and I will leave it there for now and can we continue together in the so many things you have for me to understand?]

Yes dear, lets have a break and we will take up another discourse later if you will, I am always with you and may you have a good restful day Sue.

[Aresha my Father, thank you]

Aresha Sue.

[Aresha – meaning, may you rest well]


[8.41am (local time) 6 pages long in my notebook]

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