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Author Topic: Meloloc, Earth Progress & Path To Justice, 17 Aug.16.Daniel, Las Vegas, NV. US  (Read 356 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Earth progress and the Path to Justice
Category: Justice
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
17 August 2016, 17:33 Z

Transmitter, I am here Father of all. Ready with confident feeling and trust for being able with your help to receive some message at this time.

Meloloc: “Yes Daniel, begin to write, In the days of old, when life had just been introduced before the present day continents had separated and life was implanted three different places in the shallow seas of what your scientists call Pangaea. The life carriers were here husbanding and monitoring all taking place. Their duties were minimal, so with plenty of time for activities, they all had numerous projects of scientific investigation and testing, some with permission were able to follow their own related interests and some were working on administrative assignments for research and development on the millions of aspects of organisms and mineral composition.

“It was a studious and scholarly life of lab and shop work, of exploring and sampling all on earth for greater understanding. The world was at that time kind of like the world depicted in the movie ‘On The Beach’ of a post-apocalyptic earth, all over were just gentle breezes and total silence except for the surf or the sound of running water courses. The Life Carriers assignments could be for millions of years of being here and working in a physical environment.

“This picture is to give you perspective, to refresh the tale and explain some about the life carriers lives, but also to open your mind to the fact that similar teams are working at this moment on worlds, almost without number, worlds that are at the stage of evolution I described above or any of the stages from there to the moment when intelligent life on those worlds, first become aware of the principle of a Creator Father and yearn unknowingly for a relationship with Him.

“You’ve come a long way, since those life implementation days, and the present day place of:  considerable technological development, very patchy spiritual development, considerably besmirched environmental conditions and societal and civilizational incongruities that still have much in dysfunction. Yet, you have come a long way. There were civilizations of great advancement that flourished in isolated areas of the earth that put our civilization to shame, but speaking of the last 10,000 years or so these statements are mostly true:

“Gone largely are the scourges of: cannibalism, slavery as a way of empire building, transportation only by beast or walking, formal education being nonexistent, discrimination of minorities and females being much less now and further along compared to what it was only 200 years ago, food, clothing and footwear being expensive and even unavailable to all, diseases stemming from ignorance that held the life span for many groups to around 30 years max, for thousands of years, even worst warfare than at this moment, that actually exterminated whole races, superstitions that enslaved all in fearful bondage, spiritual revelation being obscure, scattered, unavailable, corrupted, and or deliberately hidden.

“Now best of all, we are now at the end of the powers that be, of earth administration, that with forethought, retarded genetic evolution, skewed and perverted all public knowledge to try to sabotage any progressive advancement. These powers, have been discredited and vanquished with the death of Lucifer and Calagastia, since approximately 1986. The Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek has now been highly active and instrumental to then almost immediately, begin reestablishing communication to the earth from Godly sources and we have seen an open dissemination of the new, highly revelatory and presently free volume, in the public domain, called the Urantia Book, plus, over 30,000 pages of recorded communications from Celestial Teachers freely available to the public on the internet through the Teaching Mission Archives.

“We are at present at the pivotal position of the institution of the Monjoronson, Serara Magisterial Mission, fully authorized on high, in all respects given the mandate to begin the active hands on refurbishment of the sidetracked Urantian development. It may seem that the last 30 years of preparation are taking forever as the earth continues to go to disarray in a hand basket, with millions in that 30 years consigned by death of all sorts, to wait for a resurrection or are judged ready to begin their career ascent and were immediately revived on the mansion world one. It may seem to your human perspective unconsciable for The Fathers administration to allow those decades of suffering and seeming injustice to continue as it has. It is not. In the perspective of The Father’s business; all is being handled with excellent dispatch.

“It is our position to be inspired and thrilled to be here with this educational seat on the front row, to be absolutely at ease and at rest, however long it takes, to bring about the details of the unfolding of the actual events bringing Justice, to begin to start alleviating human suffering, finally, on some scale to make a difference. My purpose is to put in some understandable way the truth that Justice is coming and is breathtakingly emanate. This is Meloloc, very inspired and overjoyed because of these developments and wishing all a most fruitful day!  Domtia”………


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