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Author Topic: Spiritual Estate/Asking Questions  (Read 324 times)

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Spiritual Estate/Asking Questions
« on: August 17, 2016, 10:00 »

 Serara - Man’s Unfolding Spiritual Estate – 17 August 2016 – Larry Gossett – Florida

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Subject: Man’s Unfolding Spiritual Estate/Asking Questions
Category” Serara : His Staff and Messages
Teacher: Serara
Winter Park, Florida – 17 August 2016 – 13:00 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

“Good Morning, This is Serara and I come to briefly talk of the questioning of your mind concerning man’s unfolding spiritual estate both now and in the near future.  This is an important and interesting topic that you raise within yourself.

“Much, my son will come to pass quite quickly concerning man’s “eternal quest” as it is popularly called on Urantia, as well as man’s developing involvement with Spirit.  This  “spiritual estate” concept and idea rightfully includes all within each individual that is  the acquirement and sum total of his experiences, all of these and especially those that have lasting spirit value.  Many of your experiences have little spirit value except in the ways that you translate those experiences, as you make the choices and decisions that will  elevate the experience to reach spirit levels.   And as you have been taught though reading your Urantia Books, and through other information shared with you,  your Thought Adjusters, as the actual fragments, absolutely unique and individual to each of you and no other, and the  personal gift of the Father Himself.  Your Thought Adjusters do actually and accurately vouchsafe these spirit values for you.   As you all learn and grow and become ever more responsive to the leadings of not only your Thought Adjuster but of the various teachers and guides that are concerned and intimately involved with your experience and  progress with spirit.  

“What most helps all of you to make the progress that you so desire is the time, effort freely given as you come into co-operation and as you learn just what it means to be co-creative with spirit.    It becomes increasingly necessary to your development especially in the early days of the coming and success of the Missions that you heed and follow the leadings of those that are with you to work to allow you to hear better and more accurately.   That is your goal is it not?   The very building of this spiritual estate within you is done through each decision that you make moment by moment as you align yourselves and your will and lives with that of the Father and with of all of us who now come to bring these Missions to Urantia.  In the days ahead be ever mindful, watchful and observant to make sure that this spirit estate upon which you are always building and refining gives you the opportunities that you all need to make progress along your spiritual and ascension careers.   The entire Universe is lovingly available and open to give you these opportunities.

“Your understanding, your evolving spiritual insights, and experiences have built within them the help and direction as you take each step in this rich journey.   The spiritual estate upon which you build is yours to travel and is filled with experiences specifically designed  for each one of you who have an expressed the desire and have chosen to do the Fathers Will and make him first and foremost in your lives.   All else is but discovering the ways and means to carry out these plans of the Universe to make your  estate more spiritual, more in alignment and in attunement with the choices and  decisions that you make.  This is the very nature of the work of your Thought Adjusters.  

"To say to you that each and every decision and choice that you make has it’s impact on all future decisions is just how all of this works for each of you.

“The impetus of decisions and choices are increasingly more directed towards your growth.  Even though it takes thousands of years to achieve full Spirit Being status which I know is a difficult concept for material mortals to fully comprehend since their lives are viewed through the lenses and limitations of linear time and space.   But these will all be traversed and transformed, expanded and enlarged as you progress in the accumulations and acquirement in making better and more appropriate decisions as you build, with each decision, this spiritual estate that is yours.  

“An estate includes all that you have and will in the now and in the future have and make and create.  This journey that you are on reaches far far into the distant future and this is why we so often give you revelations that will be experienced ahead even if you don’t necessarily understand them now.   Since your Thought Adjusters keep and hold all experiences worthy in trust for you to help you  move forward, this information that is shared with you is not only held for you but will be available for you as the needs arise in your future experiences.   You have the ability to call upon these experiences and information as it can be rehearsed for your future use.

"This whole idea of the continual building up of this spiritual estate is one that many are just now beginning to take into account and it is good that you are starting to ask yourselves these types of questions.

“I tell you this in truth; it is this very asking of questions within yourselves that help guide, direct and shape your journeys.   If you are simply riding the wave of experience that happens to come your way and not asking questions, you are missing out on so much that could enrich your journey.   Not asking for the inclusion of spirit in your lives, in your progress, your spirit journey is somewhat limited and is slower than it could be.   Not that any of you are in a race to enlightenment but one can be better led by asking questions that come up for you so that the answers to the questions will unfold and increase this spirit estate that is your question this morning.   Never underestimate the importance of asking question.

“Your very journeys and experiences with spirit, with your Thought Adjuster, and other spirit beings here to help you, can begin to work much closer with you for your steady advancing development as your invitation to them is a requirement for them so they may present to you their plans for your growth.  The request and invitation from you to your Thought Adjuster, is by your invitation, approval, and authorization so they can better and more efficiently work with you. You have many times been told of the sacredness of your freewill.  By learning to ask questions you will also learn what questions to ask, for asking the right questions can open up many doors for you to traverse and experience that which  lead to the gateways to better attunment with Spirit.

“We all know of your desires, we know of your dedication, and your interest and commitments to work with us and you can make consistent strides and advancement by the quality of your questions.

“In closing let me say and encourage each of you to begin to ask yourselves just what it is that you want to know, what are the questions that you have?.   Ask them.   This is one of the very best ways to make the progress that will serve you well.   Let us answer your questions for we cannot answer what you do not ask.  I thank you for your question and hope this gives you more to work with and gives you more clarity and insight.  We are here always to help guide you along the way.   This is Serara, your Magisterial Son.  It has been said many a time; “ask and you shall receive.”    Remember this always for embedded within it is a valuable lesson for all.    Good day.”


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