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Author Topic: Watch, Pray, Work  (Read 349 times)

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Michael S Queen

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Watch, Pray, Work
« on: August 16, 2016, 19:58 »

For Teaching Mission List Eyes Only  
Divine Minister – Watch, Pray, Work – 14-Mar-16– Ketchikan, Alaska USA

Teacher:   Divine Minister, Michael, Pneyoptia/Pre'Msha
Subject:  Watch, Pray, Work
Ketchikan, Alaska USA  at 1:15 PM     2115-2235 UTC
T/R:  Michael S. Queen

It will help if you just begin, Michael—your mental pictures are all about the reception and delivery of a message…one, perhaps, that had been misplaced and needs finding once again. Eyes only, for the first time, has been impressed upon you and we gather near you and your desk to assist as we may in your reception.

A multitude of confluences, the gathering into one of many rivers, is given as an image to you, my son―for the many are now joined into one. We are gathered into unity of purpose, in unanimity of consecrated desire that the Father’s will be done here on Urantia, as It Is in all of creation. The mighty confluences of faithful service sweeps aside and obliterates even the hint of disaffection or rebellion once and for all. The waters rise and the cleansing is underway.

The tares are stricken from the harvest of the righteous, the chaff flies from the sustaining nuggets of grain, the smoke from the fires of purification rises into the sky and is dispelled. Yours is a world soon to be changed forever… a world that, once reestablished in the full light and leadership of Deity, shall become a beacon, a lighthouse, a watchtower not only for the Master Universe but for the organizing outer space zones of the Grand Universe. No longer will Urantia be a ‘hiss and a byword’ to the pilgrims of time and space.

Host upon host, army upon army of Michael’s angels attend you even now, or are on their way… whether one near day you awaken to a shattered world or to the smiling welcome of the Resurrection Halls, your destinies in Him are intact and ever beckoning you homeward. The faintest flicker of faith insures that no child of the Father will lose in any way. The ultimate goal of Paradise is yours for the asking.

Watch and pray. Watch and pray, my beloved children—Forget not the poor in spirit, the spirit captive, or the victims of mortal mischance. Ever look around yourself to see, no—to behold those who would choose the Father, if they were but extended the living water and the manna of soul survival. No kindness of intent, thought, or deed is too unworthy or too small. The slightest breeze turns the leaf in shadow towards the light. Go about your days in witness and affirmation of all those faces you see shining like the sun. Envision yourselves, be or become as Urantia too shall be… a beacon, a lighthouse of hope and soul survival.

Focus your efforts, however small, upon those who ‘want it,’ those who respond spirit to spirit, no matter how dis-spirited a soul they may seem. This planet is overrun by so many who don’t even realize they are, in truth, searching for the reality of the Father, for creature survival, and ascendant progress toward the First Source and Center. Your Father-centered spirit will know those to whom He would have you minister. Every available spirit helper will attend you in your inclusive efforts. Every one of your neighbors, every person upon Urantia has the potential for spirit embrace. Exclude no race, gender, creed, or tongue… for all are precious in His sight. The Spirit you have been so assiduously practicing to be led by will ever and surely guide you aright in your worthwhile efforts. Watch—and pray.

Remember the stories of the Apostles after the arrest and crucifixion of your Master Jesus. Recall the unbridled fear, the disillusionment, the despair, the chaos of emotion, and their overwhelming sense of loss and loneliness. So it may seem for many of you in the coming days and months…but, like those same Apostles, recall how the proof of his eternal Presence, the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth, his words of personal instruction, forgiveness, and encouragement stimulated all of them unto the ends of their mortal lives. With the public advent of Christ Michael, of Jesus, and Serara, so too will your countenances be uplifted and the visible strength and power of Spirit be yours too as you continue to labor and grow in the vineyard of the Father. ‘All goes onward and outward forever.’

You have already chosen, beloved ones. Eternal progress is already yours. Seize it, own it, and inhabit it. Be the smile of inclusive acceptance; be the word of hope, warning, encouragement; be the outstretched hand; be the binder of wounds; be the comfort of the freed captive or the lost, orphaned child. The baptism of the Spirit urges you, impels you to respond as the Father wills.

Whether your mortal labor in His vineyard is long or abbreviated, nevertheless your reward is great and your ultimate goal your guiding star. Your persistent desire and effort will make it so.

Go now, in our peace—this is your Mother, in concert with Michael and your Father Fragment, and we bid you adieu.

michael s. queen
PO Box 19470
Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919-0470


“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.”
Isak Dinesen
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