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Author Topic: Daniel the Prophet, Govt. & The Purpose of Prophacy, 15,Aug.16, Daniel,L V NV.  (Read 336 times)

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Eyes Only

Teacher: The Prophet Daniel
Subject; Govt. and The Purpose of Prophecy
Category: Governments Good and Bad
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
15 August 2016, 17:33 Z

Transmitter: Our loving God and Creator of all, Thank You for your attentive care for us in every moment! Thank you for guiding us each day with personal inquiry and intelligent direction. With love and respect for You, I ask if there may be a message or teaching you would want brought to those in these Missions and the world?

Daniel The Prophet: “Yes Daniel Go ahead, this is the Prophet Daniel, I am happy to speak through you today, Thank you for coming. Perhaps no subject would be more appropriate on this very day, then the subject of prophecy in the last days. The bible contains many, many, and I know you have read them all. I know too, you saw them used to instill fear and compliance in the church you were with for many years, still, all those prophecies have the truth running through them.

“Generally everything we spoke, meaning We prophets in the bible in the Old and New Testament, about those things shown to Us and that We saw, is the truth in general about all to take place now with the second return of Jesus. The minor details of how much this or when that of course are suspect because of the nature of free will and happenstance. Still you can in general know most of the foretold events will take place even though sometimes only the metaphor applies in a certain area of the earth or concerning a certain people. I don’t think the blood in a particular gully, in the valley of Megiddo is going to be as deep as the horse’s bridles but here is the truth: it is that deep when you add up all the blood that has been spilled in the last forty years from the Mediterranean, across the Levant, to the Mountains in northern Pakistan.

“The important thing I want to get across is the true meaning of the world mess concerning prophecy. The most egregious effect of this Calagastian system is the wholesale secularism or Godlessness that is knowingly or unknowingly the very fabric of all the world's societies.  The great false church that sits astride the beast, in partnership in acquisition, the church being the one known to all with all her branches and colors, not just Christian and the beast being the world financial and industrial system, that has done a very fair job of enslavement through withholding proper wages, burdening with excessive taxes and usurious money lending. Its other major crimes were the war making all over the world simply to make money and the concerted effort to fleece all with the a health care system that is half good and half bad, cunningly designed to sicken and yet prolong for profit. All of this is mentioned in one way or another in the many prophecies that are my subject today.

“This whole rotten system of rulership has been largely emasculated since the death of Calagastia in 1986 and especially in the last ten years behind the scenes by reactionary forces of national interest, all over the world, yet they too only grasp minusculely the intention of the full make over now in the works from the intervention coming with the advent of a fully engaged Magisterial Sons' Missions. Great credit for their courageous proactive effort to attempt to right the wrongs of power run amuck is due those groups and individuals, but they have little comprehension yet, on the work they still have to do. And the old discredited leaders have far too much life left.

“The enormous venting in volcanism just now on the horizon, the tectonic plate adjustments to send gargantuan waves across almost all seas and oceans to sweep coasts by the thousands, the dozens of large, new inland seas created by subsistence and fault slippage to inundate well over half of the world’s best, [however often grievously polluted], farm land and coastal residential areas, is the magnitude of the trials now to begin almost immediately. Every one of these conditions except the inundation by inland seas has had example recently in many diverse places heralding what is coming. When we prophesied so long ago we were shown this very time.

“In attempting to put all this is perspective for all of you, here is the bottom line from one in the service of The Father: If no mortal from this moment on did a lick of work in support of the Corrective time [what a sad state that would be] all would be accomplished, albeit not nearly so soon and efficaciously. However your enthusiastic response, which is noted and mentioned in prophecy, not only is instrumental for the fulfillment of prophecy, which  was spoken for your heads up and general education, but it also is polishing and training a set aside group of some thousands for service.

“This assembly is perfectly and uniquely fitted for purposes in mind of our Creators, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, Creative Spirit of Nebadon, in the immediate future and forever in the far future. This circle is a very rare and beautiful thing, that, I Daniel of old, am here today to remind you of.  With most warm affection to each of you, for now, Domtia”………..


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