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Author Topic: Vareen, Avonal Son – Individuality/Uniqueness  (Read 443 times)

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Vareen, Avonal Son – Individuality/Uniqueness
« on: August 13, 2016, 15:10 »

"Eyes Only"
Vareen, Avonal Son – Individuality/Uniqueness – August 13, 2016– Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

Teacher:   Vareen, Avonal Son
Subject:  Individuality/Uniqueness
Category:  General
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, CA
Aug. 13, 16   1:12 PM  EST   17:12 GMT/Z 

If there is a message from a teacher or celestial representative of the missions that you would like me to receive for you at this time for the Serara forum and/or The Teaching Mission List I offer myself to receive such a message on your behalf.


“Thank you that will do for now and I am pleased to make your acquaintance and no don’t worry about the typing for now just keep with the flow and we will get where we need to go.

“Happy times make for happy people and happy people generate good vibrations to all around them.  Positive vibrations of love and hope, and living in the now, and loving who they are, and drawing in those around them to share in this circle of love grows and expands and includes rather than separates.  Most of the time people seek to join circles to which they do not belong because they see there something they believe they are missing out on and run in and do their best to be part of a group that have what they believe they want, only to discover within themselves that they just don’t fit somehow.  Try as they might they feel like the proverbial square peg in a round hole and either try to force themselves to change into someone they think they should be or eventually give up in their efforts and often see themselves as a failure for it.”

“You must all realize you are each unique individuals, in a large family of unique individuals, with unique personalities and many ways of seeing and doing the same things, in different ways.  The commonality is, in actuality, your individual uniqueness and the love and acceptance you share one for another.  You are a living functioning organism lubricated and motivated by the Fathers love and compassion for yourselves and your brethren.  You have been given many examples in the Fifth Epochal Revelation of the Urantia Book of the myriad variety of beings that exist and function within this Grand Universe.  Even among perfect beings there exists uniqueness and individuality.  The Father the Son and the Spirit are all unique personality individuals who function fully in certain areas and at other times come together as oneness of the Trinity for certain universe purposes.” 

“You need not attempt to conform to some imagined perfect mortal representative; you need each permit your unique individuality to be drawn into the circle of the fellowship of those who share your love for the Father and his universe, and your desire to be like him.  As you live and move and have your being in Him you are drawn together and like a fascinating, ever moving, ever changing, ever evolving organism, you create in the worlds of time and space, and far beyond, a mosaic of life representation of the harmonious ways of the Creator within His creation.”

N: Thank you Vareen, that was a beautiful video played in my mind as you spoke your words, of happiness and joy of service and fellowship and the unity of love.  Is there anything else you wish to say Vareen?

“I wish to say that to those who will open their imaginations to receive it I will glady provide this same visual display as an aid to the comprehension of my words.”

N:  Thank you Vareen, I know that all who receive that gift will be as wonderfully blessed as I still am to replay it in my mind.  Vareen may I introduce you to others with further information about you?

“You may say I am an Avonal Son of God with a role to play here on Urantia.”

N:  Thank you Vareen, to which forum would you like me to post this wonderful message you have shared with us.  

To the TML forum “Eyes Only”. “

END Discussion forum

daniel alderfer

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Re: Vareen, Avonal Son – Individuality/Uniqueness
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2016, 19:58 »

Thank You, Dear Vareen, and Dear Newstar, for this warm and most incouraging letter of love and family togetherness that I thoroughly feel and get. It is the most clear and understandable expression of how we are coming to feel about others in the world. I am looking forward to being able to see a mental video such as Phillyis describes like you just promised. I'll wait as long as that might take.

Please communicate in a simular manner when you are able as you have a way that says it all in a few words. You are my ideal for expressing with words and perhaps there is some secret where you make the spirit feeling come through at the same time, no doubt it is simply our common spirit connecting as you speak. Thank You and please continue in this vain as soon as you can again.
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