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Author Topic: Meloloc, Be Joyful, 13 Aug. 2016, Daniel, Las Vegas, NV US  (Read 296 times)

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Eyes Only

Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Living Joyfully
Category: General Discussion
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, las Vegas, NV.
13 Aug. 2016, 17:30 Z

Transmitter: In this time of more closeness coming with You Father, all over the world, as many open in receptiveness as never before, thank You for your ever close love and ever-present help for us. Is there a message for our training and preparation in these corrective time Missions?

Is that You Meloloc? “Yes It is Daniel, Today the lesson is one of effervescent joyfulness. Machiventa spoke about this subject some weeks ago, saying the feeling that all is well and all is as it should be, for those of us working on the spirit side, stays with us every day and every night. The calm inner rejoicing, the feeling of happiness brimming over, the elated inner mindset that knows circumstances of all living can only turn into accentuated, even finer, more providential, more harmonious, and heaven sent state of affairs. The fact that this will unfold over centuries in a gradual improvement doesn’t enter into or dim this moment’s cool headedness and calm self-possession leaving each second an exhilaration. This works because of the long experience giving us the reinforcement, validating and insisting that only this is true.

“In your world it has been one long, prolonged and extended living circumstances of all of you that could be characterized as joy dampening, and disheartening. Except for those short times of serendipitous unfolding that looked like all your ducks were now in a row, that would last for brief periods, it was soon back to business as usual of losing your keys.

“Only a trip to the dealership and the purchase of a new chip imbedded key for $72.50 would work. Then the car computer reset was $75.  To get you on the road again, you also had to flat bed load the car to the dealer since other than removing the driveshaft it had to be trucked. $120. The lock smith came first to the house, but the security system was so thorough that the new $3,000 portable computer reset device that the lock smith felt certainly would do this year and model without going to the dealer, would not reset. It happened to not work on a few models manufactured that year and out of compassion you gave the lock smith $50 for his trouble.  This money had to be borrowed from friends as your income is such that small monthly payments will get it paid off.

“This is a typical story living a physical life that is played out many thousands of times by the time a person is 70 or so. It’s a setback in an occupation, a health condition requiring tedious remedial therapy, teeth conditions requiring extensive surgery, eye and hearing conditions only unique to you that then may be botched by physicians requiring additional wrangling and treatment. Situations with children or parents that represent years of patient working through with enormous setbacks to finances and to peace of mind. Accidents that leave you partially or wholly disabled.

“Here is the beautiful result of all these troubles when finally a person gives up and looks to The Father. First, He often does reward that surrender with a respite of much more pleasant living conditions and comfortable financial supply. However it is now no longer an issue, as many times the same tedious trouble comes anyway. But from here on there is strong  knowing of Their over care, knowing that each incident we field and work through not only is perfect for what He has in mind for us down the road, but each step of the way is guided and aided, fortuitously. Now we witness in humans that have come a long way in surrendering and consecration, a joyfulness and unusual calm in difficult circumstances that is just Like Machiventa and I am expressing, about how we are feeling each moment.

“This is Meloloc, a guide and teacher working with Serara, One who I was privileged to work with previously on a Magisterial Mission on another world in Nebadon. Thank you for your studious application to your training. What you are experiencing here is similar to the circumstances of a mansion world school program, however, perhaps this is more self directed and predicated on your own initiative and motivation. That in itself has positive fruit in an individual that is special to your situation here working for the Missions. Take heart and in faith, embrace the joy in spite of everything that comes your way. With warm regards,  Domtia”….


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