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Author Topic: Bri’Tah – Giving Your Fathers Love and Compassion  (Read 417 times)

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Eyes Only  
Bri’Tah – Giving Your Fathers Love and Compassion – August 12, 2016– Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

Teacher:   Bri’Tah
Subject:  Giving Your Fathers Love and Compassion
Category:  Brotherhood of Man and Citizenship in the Universe
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, CA
Aug. 12, 16   3:14 PM  EST 19:14 GMT/Z

“Bri’Tah:  Here is a lesson for today to post to the TML “Eyes Only”

“There are many wayward spirit representations that have found their way into the cultures of Urantia history.  I am here today to clarify a misrepresentation among the people that carry on, in their spiritual ignorance, many practices they unwittingly have been led to believe to have been divine in nature.  Such practices were brought into their cultures via their misguided and often egotistical mystics and shamans seeking control of their fellow tribesmen, and fear of repercussion of “displeasing the gods” worked very well for them in their personal goals and objectives.

“There are certain beliefs that have been promulgated in all the Urantian religious phenomenon that entrap the believer in their endless rounds of ‘anger appeasement’  and have them constantly looking over their shoulders and “straining the gnats” out of their soup.  This busyness of constant ‘appeasement of the gods” effectively has its followers frantically running like a hamster on a wheel, offering no way to get off, and leaves no room in their life to seek a better way or entertain the possibility that the gods could be anything but displeased with their very existence, except for those brief moments of meaningless sacrifice imposed upon them by those who had happily bought into the Caligastian regime and its ignoble distaste for the Urantian mortal.

“You see the effectiveness, to this day, of the futility of these lives and how it has stymied progressive development of the individual to think for themselves and break free to explore the possible realities of mortal life and love and to discover the benevolence of the universe offerings of brotherhood.

“The Universal Father is the love they so desperately strive to attain, and the treasure, that most are kept too poor and exhausted by appeasement rituals to ever break out of that paper bag of darkness and deceit, to receive.  You see their plight.  Most of you yourselves have experienced, at some point in your own lives, the darkness of deceit and its many effective methods through numerous religious teachings, or personal rituals, that disallow the individual to think for themselves or dare to question the validity of these ritualistic acts and see them as actual, effective, sticky fly paper that keeps their search for freedom and personal aspirations from ever taking flight.

“I come to you this day to request that you open your eyes and lift up your hearts of compassion to those so soon to be confused, yet profoundly affected by what is the truth of the Universe and yet a concept so foreign to their minds that, even those who survive the shock, will require the love and compassion of the Father, you know to be real, to be applied to their lives to cocoon their “self” and be the nourishment they require to see them through their transformation period ‘til the new self can break free and take flight in its joy of Universe discovery and begin its own journey to the Father of Light and Life.”

[Transmitter Note: 
Bri’Tah  -  Being of the celestial realms and the cosmos refer to me as  “Light” Bri’Tah = Brilliance.      
One of a pair of angels that works with a planet to overcome the deficit of love and good news about life existence around humans on an evolutionary planet.  They reveal the Supreme's bodies of thought and entities the Supreme uses she created to run the planet.  They are not revealed ever on any planet unless a planet like Urantia has to undergo wrenching changes in its life style and ability to raise children for the Gods on High.]


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