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Author Topic: The Father, Nebadonia, PreMsha; Father Loves What He Sees In You! 8/11/16 Josiah  (Read 313 times)

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Teacher: The Father, Nebadonia, Pre’Msha
Subject: Father Loves What He Sees In You!
Category: Will of The Father
 T/R: Josiah Hinkle, Missoula Montana
11 Aug 2016,  24:25 Z

      Transmitter: Well Flo, I am trying to be here for you.

      Flo: Go ahead; you can take a message my son.

      Pre’Msha: We will cover the glorious triumph of our Lord over the minds and hearts of each of you. It is a joyous occasion because today we have found great truth in your dedication to the father. He is pleased with all of you. He could not be more concerned with your welfare and His understanding of your situation and your needs. His plan is already in play in the hearts and minds of each of you. And you take for granted this fact when you wait solely on the open announcement of The Missions. You may  understand this is not the full tilt of universe expectations but that it is marred in your fears and your anxieties.

“ Today is a great day. It is a day you should remember you have fulfilled your consistency in your attitude in trusting The Father’s Way. It is on account that the Master has left you The Spirit of Truth to guide you passed that which did not sit well with you so that you could arrive here at these Missions.

      The Father: And I have foreseen all of this and it gives me great joy to observe these potentials actualize in your Hearts.

      Nebadonia:  Today: be glad, be thankful, be overjoyed for today is a good day! You have done marvelously! To all of you we say: Keep up the good work!


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