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Author Topic: Meloloc, The Relativity of Time, 11 Aug 2016, Daniel, L V NV.  (Read 274 times)

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Eyes only

Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: The Relativity of Time
Category: The Will of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, L V NV.
11 August 2016, 17:14 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for this chance you have given for being able to relay accurate transmissions. It is very appreciated to be able to help in this way. With Love and adoration of You, is there a message You would like put before all, being trained in these Missions?

Meloloc: “Yes Daniel, there is: Whenever we have a chance to talk to you all, We take into consideration the moment we are in and the circumstances, so the most appropriate information gets delivered on time. Today our subject is ‘The Relativity of Time’. How could I put this? Since time is only a consideration in the physical universe there is a relationship with the spirit side that needs to be understood. Complicating all of this is the different times on each world that is determined by the length of that particular world’s day, year, etc.

“When we talk about a year being the length of time for something to come about we try to make it translated to the time all of you understand concerning the 365 day Urantia year, but sometimes, for many reasons, we are unavoidably [because of the audience we are speaking to, not just you on the forums] meaning another length of time in relation to Urantia time. That is why many times, it is very astute for all to hold the statement in general to be approximately right as to length of time, but to strictly hold that in mind and trust our statement, it must be interpreted in the light of experience.

“You might right away say, ‘how could beings of such intellect be only generally specific’? ‘Surly They with Their power, knowledge and wisdom, could tell us not only the exact yearly time, but could even tell us the exact moment something will happen’. Well, the answer is: ‘ if We were The Father, we could’. And the rest of the answer is: there is this pesky quality, a factor in all we do, the almost unfathomable complexity of any circumstance because the beings we are working with, are constantly choosing something impossible to predict. Yes we do our utmost to guide you all, by your guides, so the best choices are made and many times we succeed, the rub is the many times, you our actors [humanity in general]  in the play, go wildly off script.

“As an example: we are working with one of you or a group of you and we feel we accurately have accessed your likely response that we are hoping for, to make something work and we find we were wrong. The original Urantia Foundation and the original Teaching Mission is a perfect example of this. You or the group we are working with, decide something in left field and we have the only option open to us [other than putting humanity in a harness and using whips] and that option is to continue patiently using the still small voice in all of you.

“I am not intimating that you or this group we are teaching have been the cause of any change in plans, I am just explaining the facts of life on Urantia, as we now and over and over before, prepare to announce our joyful plans to all the world and all we have to consider, to bring that about, without the use of force, [except in very rare circumstances]. So this is an explanation of the statement: The Relativity of Time.

“ I truly could talk about 14 more pages on this subject, Because we have not covered the other mitigating circumstances, such as: administrative protocol needing to be followed, [protocol that can change by decisions of the ranking hierarchy] coordination with other worlds, world happenings out of our control, and lastl but not least, The Father who has every right to do so, decides something different.

“ I must again mention the very pleasurable time we all are having guiding and teaching those in this group. Even with the circumstances being so iffy all the time, its is just business as usual in a Magisterial Mission. Our confidence is sky high, No worries about anything and I urge you all to conduct your lives in the same manner. With Joy and Love this is Meloloc, Good Day".


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