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Author Topic: Pre’Msha; Relationship Organizations of Deity; 8/10/16; Hinkle; MT, U.S.  (Read 529 times)

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Teacher: Pre’Msha
Subject: Relationship Organizations of Deity
Category: Transmissions about Urantia Book Papers
 T/R: Josiah, Missoula Montana
  10 Aug 2016,  5:35 Z

      Transmitter: I think I have calmed enough to take a message.

      Pre’Msha: Okay my son, we are happy that you are here. The message today will undoubtedly be about those things you have on your mind. You have been looking over these things for some time now and you find it interesting: the relationship organizations of Deity. Our lesson today is about how that relates to the reality we see before us. We see this, indeed, as the creature-necessitated philosophy which results as mortals attempt to comprehend Deity. The First Source and Center is the Upholder of all things. He is the manifestation in time space of God the Supreme.

      What we do is to require that you understand the beginning concepts of Deity as these are most important for those who will come and begin understanding how to grasp some of the concepts illustrated or revealed in TUB papers. This help you do will be no small service. It is along these lines that we give this message today. And that again is the relation the comprehension of Deity has to our daily estate here.

       This thing we must all understand is that Deity functions on many different levels and, based on the characteristics of these functions, terms have been devised to efficiently illustrate qualities of Deity to the reader. These terms are simple word symbols used to express a bunching of ideas.

      You may take it for granted that there is even a need to understand these deeper organizations of the relationships of Deity. All truth leads to God. And this is one aspect of Deity, in which many others have decided to seek truth. Familiarity with such topics will aid in the further organization of the era of Light and Life. Individuals who come across these teachings, that you yourselves are tasked with grasping, will be aided by the work you will do in trying to obtain a working understanding of these concepts yourselves. The very difficulties you go through will in some instances be the direct lesson given those on Urantia who may or may not seek the father.


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