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Author Topic: Meloloc, Being a Finaliter, 10 Aug. 2016, Daniel, LV NV.  (Read 344 times)

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“Eyes Only”
Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Being a Finaliter
Category: Brotherhood and Citizenship in the Universe.
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
10 August 2016, 17:32

Transmitter: With only adoration and reverence Father, I come in stillness with knowing and hope. Thank you for the Corrective time, for the wise and loving intervention of Jesus, Christ Michael, Monjoronson and Serara! Is there a lesson or message for this Mission group at this time?

Meloloc: “Yes Daniel, you can begin writing. To launch into this lesson today, our topic is: Finalization. All of you are destined to be Finaliters. The term means the state of being, that is a perfected being, with Father like character in all respects. The unique personality of each is untouched in the same colorful manner you see around you with your acquaintances now in the physical life. In the journey to embrace the Father, the personality is only enhanced, embellished, balanced and matched, or fused with The Fathers part. With the melding of the two into one, with the roots of the Divine and the roots of the mortal, the perfection of empathetic love is seen in the Finaliter.

“The all-embracing, inclusive, sympathetic, understanding of such a perfect being will forever have them as the epitome of individual effectiveness and service. Now upon them becoming Finaliters, in complete, utter, sheer, unmitigated, trustworthiness and loyalty, they will be given custody of some aspect of the then present enterprise of The Father.

“Now they are, you will be, the dream of every executive: a worker they can give a task to that has the requisite initiative, the needed resourcefulness, the unquestioned persistence, and most of all, a loving magnanimous approach that allows the boss to go home and sleep soundly, every night. Further, to flesh out the dream, have available umpteen trillions of these with only harmony and cooperation with anyone they work with, yet with unlimited free choice intact. Have them be a large part of the administrative leadership of the family service business that is poised to expand, within reason, forever.

“The consummate framework for this, is a culture of familial affection, that is deeper than any other identifying characteristic. Always there is that warm security that is shot through everything. With generosity, mercy, patience, forbearance, tolerance, acceptance and outgoing concern being the glue for this heaven of a cohesive universe. The operation day to day is an open exchange of creative ideas, diverse opinion, unconventional solutions, but unconnected with a personal agenda. The Father knows best, but He is the first to see the advantages for the adoption of ways of greater production, harmony and efficiency.

“Friendship is the byword of all of this. Friendship first of all with The Father and then with each other in a most convivial, reinforcing, fortifying and bonded connection and alliance. This is the main reason for the joy of existing: our commiserating, understanding and sympathetic friends in combat. My purpose today is to have you lift up your eyes to the final destination, to have you filled with the enthusiasm that knows no possibility of dampening, because of your understanding what being placed in this Magisterial Mission group for training entails.

“With confident happiness and sincere pleasure in our friendship, this is Meloloc, I wish you a good day!”


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