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Author Topic: Michael and Nebadonia; Father Knows Best; 8/9/16; Hinkle; MT, U.S.  (Read 516 times)

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Teacher: Michael and Nebadonia, Sovereign of Nebadon
Subject: The Father Knows Best
Category: The Will of God
T/R: Josiah, Missoula Montana
8 Aug 2016,  7:30 Z

After a long while in my space, distraction from the neighbors and the carwash outside reach levels I cannot help but get frustrated by. After a long time of being frustrated I remembered from a funny interruptive wood pecker at my meditation center that I already learned: this is part of the scenery as well as the lesson. I thought, If I can endure this and still take a message, I will surely have developed just a bit more of my skill. I focused on love, acceptance, the joy of knowing others (the neighbors and those at the carwash) and I took a deep breath. I took a few more and felt all the blockage from the message melt and flow away. In response I heard:

Nebadonia: Now that feels better, now, doesn’t it?

Transmitter: Yes, thank you Mother.

Nebadonia: You are bright my child, you will understand this yet. The difficulty you find in relaxing comes from your inability to mediate that which concerns you. To better accord this focus you should find it in yourself to forgive and breathe.

Michael of Nebadon: If you would be at my peace then you would do well to ignore all of these things by the power of love for your fellows. In this most auspicious of times, the Will of The Father is that we are successful.

Transmitter: I feel like it’s the pair of you (Michael and Nebadonia) who come to talk to me, is that right?

Michael: That is right Josiah.

Transmitter: What can I glean from this Father(Michael)?

Michael: That you have done well my son.

Transmitter: Thank you Lord.

Michael: Now I give it to your Mother to speak.

Nebadonia: My son, my beautiful Josiah. You are without doubt getting a hang on this thing. Every day you show more and more progress and determination. Every day you fill our hearts with the joy of your love for your brothers and sisters. We so do see you and we do recognize you. We do know you. You are Our child. Whom We love. It is time for a message are you ready?

Transmitter: Yes Mother.

Nebadonia: Today we would like to talk about those auspicious times we are in. We hold out daily for the gratification of the fulfillment of our dreams concerning The Missions and Jesus’ Second Coming. And even yet concerning the change your world desperately needs; even now, there is almost too much to consider. It can be an overwhelming practice, indeed, to think about all these things. But what keeps us calm and centered is the Love of The Father. In His Will we are assured of the perfection of all that is happening. You have heard it said before and I say it to you now again: The changes the Father makes are Always for the better; Always do they relegate some deeper species of value and purpose. His Will is Perfect. And He knows, not only better in all things, but in fact, Best. His Will you can trust to divinely fulfill you. As regards this plan for your world Urantia, the Father has decided to stop all those unwilling to depart from the old ways.

Transmitter: Sorry for getting distracted.

Michael: You need to forget all those things and breathe.

Transmitter: I forgot how relaxing it can be to breathe.

Nebadonia: There you are my son. The difficulty has passed. Let us begin again. Tonight this will be a most difficult challenge for we know that your hearts are in the place of needful expectation. But do remember, always, that The Father knows Best. And you can trust His knowing before even you can begin to grasp the meaning of His ways. The Father does not delight in the misleading of his children, but it is important that they try to follow after Him.

Transmitter: Thank you Flo for making it so I can get through this struggle. There is a noise here.

Flo: You are welcome my son.

Nebadonia: There you are my dear. You are doing it, just so you are aware; you are receiving my voice. Be encouraged.

Michael: Be encouraged my son. You mother sees you and she knows how hard you work. She knows your heart and your desire to do what you can in The Missions. This is all for now my son.

Transmitter: What is the Subject here?
Nebadonia: The Father Knows Best
Transmitter: Category?
Nebadonia:The Will of God
Transmitter: TM Eyes Only?
Nebadonia: Yes TM Eyes Only.


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