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Author Topic: Pulkipsis, Rejunivation, 9 Aug. 2016, Daniel, Las Vegas, NV. US  (Read 372 times)

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“Eyes Only”

Teacher: Pulkipsis
Subject: Human Rejuvenation
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
9 August 2016, 18:44 Z

Transmitter: With a feeling of security and happiness Father, I offer praise and appreciation for your love and care every moment of our lives. In light of this knowing and confidence, is there any message or lesson today?

"Yes Daniel, the message today is one of reassurance and hopefulness. This is the one known as Pulkipsis, [pull kip sis] I am working with and for Serara. My duties are of a teaching nature, I am a Vorondadek son, hailing from Salvington, volunteering in this mission for as long as I’m needed. Our lesson today for Eyes only, is about the subject of ‘Rejuvenation’. Please post it in the ‘Serara Staff and Messages.’ Category.

"My meaning when I speak of rejuvenation is the human need to constantly be restored in vitality and energy. Every day by eating and sleeping you recharge your physical electro chemical machine. All works well in most of you, the systems internally talk to each other for harmonious cooperation. Each system and cell type actually containing an intelligence that proactively, constantly balances itself, repairing and replenishing chemical and mineral supplies as necessary. Its on auto pilot except, all those collaborating systems are subject to the directive chosen by the overrule you might say, of the body control room.

"What is very important for your smooth functioning, is a prime directive from this conscious overmind or director that sends a message to all these internal intelligences of: a trusting and secure enthusiasm, concerning the operation of the life force of this being known as a human.

“If the director is indecisive, unsure, hesitant, fearful, or double minded about the next moments actions, it throws a pall over the organism. This is extra stressing and enervating to all systems. Finally, when in this unhappy state of directorship, and as many hours of wakefulness go by, all systems tend to, because of the stress and uncertainty, even with proper nutrition brought to the cells and organs, they much more quickly run down and reach a point of exhaustion.  

“In contrast as I mentioned above, an organism such as a human body, with the director’s chair occupied with an upbeat, confident, trusting, enthusiastic, principal, the systems and cellular intelligences get a message of positivity that gives all a green light for full speed ahead.  The efficiency that this positive leadership engenders makes for a highly lubricated and free spinning mechanical organism.

"The resilience and lasting force of the being is enhanced several times over by this type of directorship. Nutrition and lack of toxicity is important also. Both things addressed by intelligent self-education, can with moderation aid in the rejuvenation. The challenge is that blanket advice is only generally reliable, as the factors of intestinal fauna, acquired conditions of toxicity, genetic predisposition, efficiency of digestion and elimination are variable factors between body types.

“Because of ignorance and societal education which is the opposite of this positive mindset, we often struggle for decades with a subpar and marginal existence, that we most times don’t realize could function so much better. In youthfulness the energetic and vitality thwarting issues are minimized and a negative directors effect is negated with such exuberant and well-functioning systems. Later in life, if this optimistic and positive leadership has not become the norm, the now less then efficient cells and cell systems called organs leave a person dragging in productive performance and ability to rejuvenate.

“Now for the condensation of this lesson: Our spiritual journey will bring us to contact with the Father. When this takes place, the more direct communication signals an access to wisdom about: positive mindset, energy, diet for your particular body, and help with self-control to be moderate, [that in turn tends toward the balance of all systems]. When you are particularly in need of rejuvenation, for the work you need to do in the Corrective time, submitting to the advice of the adjuster is the key to this rejuvenation.

“Those that are of an age, where the simple deterioration of built in aging for your type and genetic makeup, is now getting the upper hand, consider this: A confident resting in the salvation of The Father, patching as you can, Is your way of life, till your time of restoration comes. The pressing forward in spite of your limitations is your path, often taking much more determination and commitment then those of a younger age, in this Magisterial Mission training group. This extra difficult life is a crowning effort of service to The Father that will not go without special reward.

“It is much more strenuous for many of you in this category as you respond to the requests for developing additional skills, etc. You are acquiring a special brand of faith and trust because of this circumstance. It is not a mistake or misjudgment that you are here at this advanced age!

“I want to thank you all for coming to consider these things in living this physical life, the most effective mode of living for creating additional spiritual maturity ever devised. This is your teacher and guide, Pulkipsis, it is very happy and joyful for me to do this. I come with high regard and appreciation for all of you. Domtia”…….


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