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Author Topic: Meloloc, importance of Stillness, 6 Aug. 2016, Daniel, LV NV. Us  (Read 321 times)

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“Eyes Only”
Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Importance of Stillness
Category: The Will of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
6 August 2016, 18:06 Z

Transmitter: In this Day Father, where hope and trust are the foundation for our continuance, Thank You for the life we live, given by you, in our case, with the sure knowing, we will bear fruit and return to You complete. Is there some message of instruction for our enlightenment?

Meloloc:” This is me again, I hope you’re not tired of me. [Being you are the most amazing part of my life, hardly, a little less pushy maybe?] We are going to talk in this message on the subject of transcendental meditation.  This is the title given to sitting in silence and stillness before God that was popularized in the early 1900’s by some teachers from the east, most notably Paramahansa Yogananda. By the consistent coming in devotion and reverent stillness they taught, you would begin to have a conversation with God, whatever that meant.

“What these Teachers accomplished in elevating spiritual consciousness, in the west, is under recognized and appreciated. Before too long after their arrival it was common knowledge that many thousands of normal, not usually religious persons were experiencing a communion from the spirit side where they received insights about their everyday life. Especially it was noted that it was common to have an enormous increase in a calm trusting way of looking at things, because they just knew now, despite the dysfunction all around, that very disarray and confusion, was part of the plan and that all would work out well in the end.

“Those that would practice this devotional self control would also invariably begin to look around with new eyes and they understood that they were truly part of all others. There was a commonality and increasingly empathetic mindset drawing them to begin to be their brothers keeper. To want to put themselves out for the welfare and support of all around them. All this, almost with out fail, just from putting first, this contact and gift to God known as stillness.

“These eastern teachers came from mostly the ancient Hindu religious traditions and along with the primary gift they gave of the overarching need to spend time in our lives in a devoted listening for some contact with God, they loaded the truth seeker with things like the need for a special diet, the need to breathe in a certain way, the need to have a physical teacher or guru, you would obey, memorize certain prayers, chant certain mantras, the need for special body positions to aid in the meditation, the need to bathe or not bathe, have long or short hair, wear this or that article of clothing etc.

“Now those of you being called for this special group in the Magisterial Missions are being stripped of all superfluous trappings and can honestly say the simplicity we are beginning to live is refreshing. The rules and regulations concerning true religion as a devotee of The Father are simply: putting The Father first in our life, by spending time with Him and then to put into action the promptings of a very small voice in our mind that we begin to hear. That’s it! Oh, we will take up personal practices that work for us but gone is the need to foist any additional spiritual must do’s on others. Others with all their uniqueness are unquestionably accepted just as they are. We adopt no agenda whatsoever concerning family, spouses or friends, only long suffering striving to serve in any way we can irregardless of their beliefs and idiosyncrasies, embracing each in a loving, nonjudgmental and favorable reception.

“We do this after our maturity comes to the place that we remember our own path of tedious weirdness and ignorant behaviors.  We literally jump at the chance to include this strangeness, remembering the understanding that others gave us that helped us so much as they patiently waited on our expansion. Pretty soon we are sought out simply because we are so comfortable and sincerely encouraging to be around. As time goes on we learn to tell the truth in a round about way that in the main, doesn’t offend and only upon seeing that person is ready for a frankness that they themselves signal they can handle.

“This opportunity may take many months or years to come around, but we don’t care as we actually enjoy and love the person. Sometimes we have to limit our devotion to that person occasionally as it is just too much to handle at the moment, but we come back, like a bad penny, ready for more a little later. We never say die on any cause like that [except consistent rebelliousness].

“This lesson is more than anything, so we will understand: everything in our life as to maturity and right action is connected, first and foremost to that time and times, each day in dedicated worship that is no more complicated or stringent, than listening in humility for communication. This is your brother, Teacher and Guide, dedicated to this corrective time on Urantia more than anything [other than The Father].  With Love and best wishes, Meloloc. Domtia”………


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